Sunday, November 3, 2013

It's Over

Well my 31 day Challenge is over and you know I am definitely enjoying that load being lifted off my shoulders! At the end I was struggling so bad, with my leg being messed up and with writing everyday! I fell behind many times but always wrote a post!
I decided to buy the Grey Dress from my StitchFix and ladies it looks great on me!! I am just loving it! 

Here is a picture of me all dressed up and 4lbs lighter!!!

I absolutely love this dress I tried mix matching it with other scarfs to add more color and it works with pretty much any color!! I love it!!
I feel really great too, I feel like I get full faster which may just be my mind telling to stop eating because I have been working on my portion control!
All in all I just feel really great, I am even noticing a little change in my stomach and it has given me a new found burst of confidence!! It has given me a purpose and motivation to keep going!
Plus my friend is getting married in May and I'm a bridesmaid!!!
I will still be working out and watching my diet until then to make sure I am looking good walking down that aisle!! I will be updating weekly about my progress, exercises and weight loss! 
Please continue to go down this journey with me!!

Never give up!! It's easier to keep going then to keep starting over!!!

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