Sunday, November 3, 2013

Pre-School Fun

Alyssa got accepted into Pre-School it was a shock because school had already started and was actually 4 weeks in when we got the phone call. I met with her teacher, got her enrolled and all ready to go!
Thankfully, her school is being very flexible, so when my work schedule is crazy I still get to spend time with Alyssa!
Alyssa is loving school! She rides the bus to school and gets to play with all of her new friends, and she absolutely loves her teacher!!
Most days I go pick her up and spend time with her before I go to work but sometimes she rides the bus home! I am so proud of her and super excited at how much she is enjoying it!!
I went to Once Upon A Child and got her a bunch of super cute clothes to wear! I'm telling you this little girl as cuter clothes than I do! 
About 90% she looks more put together and stylish than me!!
Here are some pictures of her awesome outfits for school!! I will live vicariously through her!  :)

Alyssa's 1st Day of Pre-School!

Alyssa Riding the Bus!!

A couple different outfits that she wore since school started!

An some more....

She is adorable I love her so much! I am very blessed to be able to buy her clothes and super blessed that she can pretty much pull off anything!! 
Stylish toddler coming at ya!!

Are your children more stylish than you? 
Do you wish you could wear/pull off your child's style??

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