Monday, December 2, 2013


**Warning you will need tissues**

My sister Ashley has been struggling with infertility since early 2009. Ashley and her husband Michael decided to get licensed to foster and April of last year their lives were changed forever! 
After only being licensed for about a week they got the phone call of their lives!! Four children needed a home and fast! I still remember this day! 
You can catch up here!
That post marked the very beginning of this journey, that not only changed Ashley & Michael's lives but mine as well!

Ashley wrote a book about all of her struggles through infertility if you are interested you can see that here!
Ashley has been blogging through these journeys, she started this blog "Putting God First Place" before she started fostering, she wrote on this blog for years! After getting her very first placement she started a new blog that would be more fitting to her "Fostering Love At Home" this blog really takes you through this journey of fostering!

These past 19 months have been amazing! 
Instead of remembering the day they met the kids, they will now remember the day that they became a family! Although they have been a family this entire time, it is now official!!
They are Adopted!!!

No more waiting, no more uncertainties, they are going to be a family forever!!
What more could we ask for??

November 23 was National Adoption Day and since my sister and brother in laws story is so touching in many ways, they were featured on the local news here in Kentucky! It is so awesome that a story like this got some local coverage! You can see that segment here!
 I hope that it opens people's eyes to fostering children and even to adopting within our country!

Going through this process with my sister and brother in law has just opened my eyes to so many possibilities and I would just hate for people in our community to be close minded when it comes to these children!
Friday afternoon, the news crew told my sister and brother in law that they were such a blessing to these children my sister instantly replied with, "No, these children are a blessing to us!" 
These children are good children that deserve nothing but the best and to know that my family is doing that for them is the best feeling in the world!! To see the smiles on these kids faces every morning and to know that we have made such an impact in their lives is so amazing to me!!
I feel very blessed to have been involved in this journey, these children are so special each in their own way and I am the lucky one that gets to be called their Aunt!

Congratulations to the happy family!!! 
Officially "The Wells" Family!!

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