Thursday, July 31, 2014

I'm Back!!

So I have taken quite a break from blogging but, only because I have lost motivation! I felt so much pressure to write about being a single mother and taking care of Alyssa! I just felt like a needed something a little more light!

Enough with the heavy.....something fun and casual something that I would just feel good writing about and writing about whatever, whenever seems more doable for me right now!! So after a new branding (I guess you can say) I'm Back!!

Ashley took a short break from blogging as well and she told me the other day it felt so good for her to blog, and it just made me feel like maybe I shouldn't give up on blogging but just blog in a different way! Here we go! I am going to use this as a free mind just writing about whatever is on my mind, no real structure. I dont want to feel pressured into writing about specific things! I want to think inside and outside of the box!! I want to feel peace about writing on my blog.....if that makes any sense to you all!

So an update for everybody.....Alyssa just turned 4 years old on the 16th! Alyssa got to spend a week with my mother. Honestly, she wants to spend more time with her "MawMaw"  than she does me, her mommy! But, this time I let it slide, because my bestie and I went on a little girls getaway for our bithdays to San Diego, CA!!

I have never been on the west coast before, and honestly it was such a dream come true! I have actually made it my goal to move there!! I have never felt so at ease, so peaceful, so free in my whole life!! I was just happy ya'll! 

It was a different happy too, it wasn't like my coworkers sang Happy Birthday to me happy, or gave birth to Alyssa happy, it was like a freedom happy! Like nothing could hold me back or push me down kind of happy....if that makes any sense! Maybe it was just a vacation high, regardless it seemed like everybody was that way. The sun shines so much there it's like everybody is high from the sunlight! It is an amazing city, with amazing people, that gives you an amazing feeling!! I LOVE IT!! 

So in order to make my goal a reality I am going to move back home to Columbus, Ohio to try and save up as much money as I can so hopefully within the next year Alyssa and I will be headed out west!! 

Now, I will say that this is my goal for now, but you never know what the future holds, so we will see where life takes us!! Wherever it takes us you all know I will have a story to tell, so keep up with me ya'll and I will keep you posted!!

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