Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ohio Bound!

So after being in Louisville for almost two years, I have decided to make the move back home to Ohio! 

I have a big plan int he works and most people think Im crazy but some of them actually get it and understand. I recently went to San Diego on vacation. It was such a dream! I made it my mission and goal in life to end up there. 

So I moved back home to save up money and get all my financials in order so maybe after a year or so I will be able to make my goal a reality. Now people say Im crazy for wanting to move out to California but I dont care, it is amazing out there and I was so happy and in love with the place and the poeple!

Plus, if I move out there and it doesnt work out I will just move back home! Thats the thing about being single you can pretty much just wing it and do whatever! Alyssa loves and trusts me, so wherever I go she is right there beside me! 

But, Alyssa loves being back home in Ohio, we are close to our old friends and all of our family! I haven't seen her this happy and free in awhile! I think we both are just enjoying it so much! 

I got a great job working downtown Columbus and working third shift, so I will be able to spend more time with Alyssa. It just seems like everything is finally coming together! We are really excited about our move and right now are just in total awe of everything! 

It has been kind of like a vacation because I havent been working, so as I start my new job tomorrow and Alyssa starts school in a couple weeks we will see how our new normal plays out! Hope for the best and see how it goes!

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