Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fear Of The Unknown

So...a couple months back I actually wrote a book!! I was involved in a Facebook Group called 31 Days To Write Your eBook But I have been so scared of publishing it because I think it's funny and I like it but what if others don't like it or think it's funny! I have been sitting on it for months just thinking about it reading it over and over again! 

Finally I did it people! Last night I stayed up until 2am, I read my book one last time and made final adjustments and edits. I was determined to finish my book!!

An I did!!! I finalized my book last night and uploaded it to as an ebook!

It is not available right now, BUT you are able to pre-order it!! 

I am so happy and excited about this! I am finally  happy with my finished product and feel really good about it!!

It is a funny and real life book about the dating world! I am in no way an expert when it comes to dating and love! I just thought I would share all of my thoughts and all the things that I have found out by going through real life experiences!

So everybody I bring to you my book!

I hope you all get the opportunity to read it and I hope you enjoy it! 
But be nice people it's my first book!!