Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hello, Again

Hey there everybody long time no write! 
I have been going through these spells where I really just don't have anything to talk about and therefore I have not been blogging. But, this time I do have something very nice to share!

I moved out of my aunts house and got my own apartment! I LOVE it!! I moved about a month ago and  have been very busy unpacking and organizing everything. Unfortunately, I was not able to take any time off of work so I had to move after work and on the weekends which made it a little rushed but we pushed through it and got it done! Thankfully, my other aunt let me borrow her mini van so I made numerous trips with that and then a couple more trips with my boyfriends grandpas truck. After two days of moving it was complete! Yippee!! Hooray! Now the fun begins...unpacking and finding everything a home! Ugh! This is the part I hate the most! 

But, after a month I can proudly say that my appartment is finished and is looking pretty darn nice if I say so myself!! I am not sure if you guys follow me on Instagram (AndreaOnInsta) but if you don't you should start! Sometimes when I am not able to blog or upload videos to my YouTube Channel (Lets Taco Bout It) I will still be taking selfies on Instagram. It would be a good way to keep up with me without keeping up with my posts. 

I will also give you an update on my New Years Resolution.....I have been doing GREAT, better than great actually, WONDERFUL!! I feel so amazing just living my life and staying offline and really spending quality time with my friends and family! Now that I look back I can't believe how much time I actually wasted on Facebook!! That is so crazy!! Sometimes I wish that I still had it because I had friends on Facebook that I didn't have in real life and they dont have Instagram or may not follow my blog but when one door shuts another one opens, so Im sure it will be fine! I must say, the longer I go wthout Facebook the better I feel about my resolution! I dont think I will ever have a personal facebook page again! I may have a professional one sometime, but thats even up in the air! I really feel good about this one resolution and know 100% that I'm going to keep it!! Now if I can only workout more and eat less!!! HaHa!

How are you guys doing? Any updates on your New Years Resolutions?? 

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