Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Consolidate Your Bills

Hey guys! I have been going through all my post and realized since I have had a boyfriend I have been giving out a lot of advice! I am in no way an expert in dating, those of you who have read my book know that! 
I am simply just talking about how I feel and my opinion on things that are happening in my life! Take it or leave it guys!! Some advice may be good, some advice may be bad! Some things work in my life but may not work in yours! 

So, moving on......looking at the bills that Cole and I have seperately plus the bills we have together we are paying way too much!! So consolidating seems to be the perfect idea right? If we are going to be together in a relationship and live together as a family we need to cut corners wherever we can, starting with bills. Getting your finnaces in order causing so much less stress in your life and that way you can both be accountable and active in your financial situation. So just a couple of examples that I have......

Cell Phones: Cole has T-Mobile but I have Verizon

I am on a plan with my mom but Cole is by himself. Cole has been paying $110 a month for his cell phone. He has a smart phone and I think unlimited everything! 
My mom and I both have smart phones but my mom also has a tablet that is on our plan. We have unlimited talk and text with 10GB of data per month we pay $175 a month. 
So together we are paying $275 just to have our cell phones!
Looking at our plans and how much data, minutes and text we use, we decided for him to be added on to our plan. So to add his line on our plan it was only $60 extra a month. That is way better than paying $110. So now we are all on the same plan! 
Saving $50 a month!!

Another example is with our car insurance. Now, since we are not married we are not allowd to combine auto insurance policies. Cole and I work opposite shifts, so looking at our schedules we decided to be a one car family. 
Saving us money on our insurance $75 a month!
Plus, his car is way better on gas than mine was, I am not sure if we will be saving gas money but it is definitely a plus.

Now this stuff is nice to do when you have been together with your boy/girlfriend for a while that way you both are committed. If I didnt love Cole and think that we would be together forever I wouldnt be doing this stuff because you never want to find yourself being reliable or dependant on your significant other. So just do what is realistic for your family!!

What kind of ways do you all save on your monthly expenses? What advice do you have for other women on a way to cut corners with their bills?

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