Thursday, August 6, 2015

Delegating Duties and Dating

I must say it is so strange dating again. Maybe I was just single for so long that I just have to get use to it again. At first when Cole moved in with Alyssa and I, I was the women of the house you know I wanted to make sure that dinner was ready, the house was cleaned and laundry was done. We all want things to be perfect! But as life got busier and time went by faster, I started to feel very overwhelmed by normal house duties. I started feeling like everything was falling on my shoulders and everything was my responsibility. But after breaking down and just telling Cole that I was feeling overwhelmed we were able to come up with a nice plan.

Delegating duties in your relationship is a must ladies!! As much as we want we can not do it all. 
So here it is a little glimpse of what we do to make our lives a little easier.

Cole is in charge of:
Laundry: Washing and Drying
Dishes: Emptying the Dishwasher
Housework: Cleaning his half of the bedroom and helping out with the living room
-Taking the trash out-

I am in charge of:
Laundry: Folding and Putting Away
Dishes: Loading the Dishwasher
Housework: Cleaning my side of the bedroom and helping out with the living room
Vacuum and Mop aka Swiffer  :)
-Taking the trash out-

I even gave Alyssa some duties because I have been told if you start them early it will be normal routine for kids.

Alyssa is in charge of:
Laundry: Putting all her dirty clothes in her hamper and putting her hamper by the stairs
Dishes: Setting the table before dinner and putting her dirty dishes in the kitchen after dinner
Housework: Sweeping the kicthen floor and cleaning up her toys 
-Help take the trash out-

We are trying to make living together as easy as possible and trying to make sure that if we delegate duties then everybody is pulling the same weight and nobody will feel overwhelmed. 

Now, this is still a work in progress but hey its a start!

Dating is hard enough why make it harder by getting upset or fighting about little things like taking the trash out!

How do you delegate your duties at home? Do you share chores with your boyfriend, spouse or children? What advice do you have for people who are still trying to figure it all out?


  1. Austin maybe does the dishes once a month I can't get him to do anything but taking the trash even then I have to ask a million times! Any advice to help me? Talking to him doesn't work. Should I just create a chart and have him follow it and keep on him to do his part till he does it?

  2. Taylor, the best thing in a relatinship is communication. I sat down with Cole and told him I am overwhelmed I cant do everything! We looked at our apartment and tried to make the most realistic plan on who does what. Even though he does laundry, that doesnt mean he does it everyday, sometimes he will only do it on the weekends so I still have to throw in a load or two during the week if i have a lot of dirty clothes and thats okay sometimes i load the dishwasher before bed but sometimes they pile up. The best advice is communicate with each other and really understand that a clean house is not as important as we think it is. If i have to choose load the dishes or hang out with Cole before work I will choose to hang out with Cole because thats important. We will live with a sink full of dirty dishes. Priortize and communicate!! You have to be on the same page no matter what!