Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Where Did My Body Go?!!

So, a couple months ago I was at work and one of the girls there was talking about how excited she was because she gained five pounds. Then......she brought the scale out!

Ahhhhhhhh!! Noooooo!! 

She thought it would be interesting to get on the scale and see how much she weighed, she then pressured her sister to get on the scale. Honestly, I was a little curious how much her sister weighed because we are about the same build I would say. But, then they pressured me to get on the scale, at the time I was like no I weigh like 10x more than you. After minutes of peer pressure I decided to jump on the scale. OMG!!! I looked at that scale and my eyes got all teary eyed. How embarrassing is that number!!! The worse part is when you are weighing yourself at home you are in private so the number doesn't really matter because only you can see it. But now, everybody I work with including my boss knows how much I weigh. 

Where did my body go? I wasn't skinny before I had my daughter but I surely wasn't whatever this body is.

How is it possible that five years after I give birth I weigh the same that I did 9 months pregnant!! WHAT!!!!

Why is it so hard for women to loose the weight? Why is it that even if we weigh the same our bodies are different?Why is weight such a big deal for us anyway?

I am beautiful and I know that when I look in the mirror and see my face. Whenever I try to find somehting to wear, now thats a whole nother story! Its like I'm a ginormous women and nothing fits right. It may look good in my closet but it definitely doesnt look that good on my body! It takes me double the time to find a good outfit. I just dont like how my body looks!

Working a full time job and being a mom doesnt really leave much room for exercise does it ladies?!?

But, I am confident that I will control my eating and get back to my ME!!!

I feel like I have pretty much kissed my pre-baby b ody goodbye and now jst want to feel comfortable in my own skin and my own clothes thats where my goal is!!!!

How about you ladies is there an issue with your body or weight that you are struggling with? Please talk to me about it, maybe we can go down this journey together and keep each other accountable!! We can beat this ladies!!!


  1. After I had Travis I just want to eat everything in site :( I keep telling myself I have to work out I have to lose this weight.. But then there's a side of me that doesn't care and just loves food so much. I have been doing the dance games on the Xbox and man I'm sore after I do those and I feel a burn and sweat from doing it so I'm just going to keep at that. And try to eat better

  2. Taylor, it is really hard to eat healthy and work out. I have found that for me its something as simple as going for a walk after dinner or parking further away at stores so I have to walk. As far as eating goes Im still trying to work that one out! I am a foodie I just love eating out but I dont like fast food as much as I just like to get out of the house and go somewhere like Olive Garden or Applebees. But working on a budget and getting our finances right help out alot because we only have a certain amount of money so we cant afford to eat out as much we want. I will make a menu plan like what we are eating for dinner Monday-Friday and then make a grocery list on what I need to make those meals and that way we are spending money on groceries rather than eating out all the time. Atleast with dinner I can take leftovers to work the next day for lunch so we are getting more meals out of it. The best way to motivate yourself is too look at yourself in the mirror everyday and weigh yourself! The soreness that you have after working out lets you know its working! Eventually it wont hurt anymore thats just your bodies way of adjusting!! Keep pushing and youll get there!!!