Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Stitch Fix!!

Hey Everybody!!
I scheduled another stitch fix!!! I had some credit I hoped to use up!
Honestly, I was very impressed with the pricing of my items this time, they were all very well priced!! I honestly feel like the more fixes I receive the better they are getting at choosing styles and colors that I will love. Check out the pictures below to see what I got!

This Magenta Colored shirt is my favorite one! So bright and colorful and also comfortable. I thought it did seem a little big and long on me, but when I tucked it in, I just loved it so much!!

I really liked this shirt as well but felt like it was a tad bit too short in the front. But pretty color and very flowy and comfy.

This shirt I did not like! The fabric was very tough and the style was really not me!

I normally do not wear skirts because I am so short that I just look like a blob, this skirt was very comfy and pretty as well but again I am just too short to wear skirts this length.

These jeans I like the style but not so much the fit or the color. I prefer a darker wash.

I wanted to show you all my receipt to encourage you to try Stitch Fix
For busy parents like myself or just busy people in general.This is the only realistic way I can try on super cute clothes without dragging my husband or children to Target! 

The box arrives at your doorstep and you have 3 days to decide if you want to keep the clothes or return the clothes. Normally I feel like its a little pricey but again all of these clothes were priced under $60. If you give Stitch Fix a try and share it and just of your friends tries it then you get a credit towards your next fix. 

Even if you don't buy anything it is still a fun experience. You can cancel at anytime and schedule your fixes whenever you want. You are 100% in control. 

I am super excited to share because my sister just tried Stitch Fix for the first time because now they have widened what they offer. 
They have Stitch Fix options for..

You now have no excuse but to at least TRY IT!!

I ended up buying the Magenta Top and with the credits towards my account I only paid 
.45 cents!!!

I have had a lot of people sign up for Stitch Fix using my referral code but have not actually scheduled a fix. My question to you all is.....

What are you waiting for?!?!

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