Sunday, June 16, 2013

**Stitch Fix # 2**

Hey ya'll

It has arrived! It has arrived!!
My second Stitch Fix is here!!

Let get right down to business!!!

Outfit #1
A white button up shirt.
I really liked it but it was a bit out of season! I just don't see myself wearing this anytime soon!

Outfit #2
Black jeggings!
Although I really LOVE this jeggings they were a bit too tight around my waist...which is why you are only getting a look from the back!!

Outfit #3
Ohh lord!
I almost didn't even post this! I hate this dress!!
1. It feels like a tennis outfit
2. I look prego!
3. Heavy fabric
4. It is just not flattering at all!!

Outfit #4
I love this dress!!
Just enough funky designs to get my attention!!
It is a little short though!
It might look good with some capri leggings or something but right now just not really sure how to wear it!

Outfit #5
This dress is very fun!!
It was very lightweight so it flowed very easy!
I really like this dress but with the long sleeves I just don't see myself wearing this through the summer!

Ugh..I just don't know if I'm going to keep anything from this StitchFix!!
What do you all think? What should I keep??