Tuesday, February 26, 2013


As you all may know I have started making certain items and selling them on my Etsy Shop!! If you didnt you do now! :)

Anywhos I have now made a Facebook Page just for my products!!

I am super excited about this because while making some St. Patricks Day wine glasses I just got really excited and inspired to make more!!

I am taking requests people!!!

I am currently working on some adorable Bride & Groom wine glasses similar to my other set except the base is not chalkboard paint it has written on it Mrs & Mr

Ehhh!!!! Im super siked!!!

So please please please "Like" my page for special offers!!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Spring Cleaning Has ARRIVED!!!

So lets just be honest here I am a hard working single mother there is no way my house will be perfectly cleaned and organized on a daily basis.

Actually ever since I got sick my house has been so disgusting........I don't even want to go home!

BUT.......all of that has changed due to me having a wonderful sister Ashley!!

She has put a stop to my laziness!

Her and the two little babies that she has came over to my house and we cleaned house!

An I mean we..... CLEANED HOUSE!!

After we got done cleaning I barely even recognized the place!!

I feel so rejuvenated and organized!!

Now pray and hope I can actually keep it that way!

I have a bad habit were I open mail and just throw it on my desk or change Alyssa's clothes and just throw them on the floor.

I'm not a messy person I'm just a little disorganized!!

So I am making myself a monthly goal to keep my house in order!!

Who's with me ladies!!?!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I Need A Divider or Something!!

So I have been sharing a bedroom with Alyssa since she was born...literally!

Was it not bad enough that I shared my body for 9 whole months but for the past 2 1/2 years she has been in my bedroom. I literally dont even have one place in my apartment thats for me!

But until I either get promoted...get a raise or just get a new amazing job this is what life will be like.

I live in a little one bedroom apartment which is actually perfect for Alyssa & I but I just feel so crowded!

My sister Ashley sent me this link to somebodies blog talking about all the ways top spice up your bedroom so that you actually have you space! Its written by somebody that also shared a bedroom with there child.

Im just wondering if any of you guys have any D.I.Y. suggestions or ideas?

Something that would be realistic for me both in space and price!

I just feel so overtaken by all of her things!

Which then reminds me of a question......

If I am planning on having more children in the future is it okay that I hoard all of Alyssas clothes or should I just give away...donate or sell them and start from scratch when I have another baby?

Realistically I would think keep them because then I wouldnt have to spend money on that much stuff but like I said I live in a little one bedroom apartment and hoenstly I have had to put things in my sisters garage because I just dont have any space!

I need help! I need some organizing help!!

Ideas??? Suggestions??

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Good Morning Friends!!

Happy Valentines Day!!

So a little bit about me......Today is actually the day that I met Alyssas dad but like 5 years ago!!

I can not even believe that I have known him for that long!!

I am a little sad that things did not workout because we were together for so long but also because we share Alyssa!!

Iit would have been nice to be one big happy family but I believe that God has bigger and better plans for us being apart! So with that being said........

The only thing that I will celebrate today is knowing the person who gave me my sweet Little Miss!!

Have a great Valentines Day EVERYONE!!!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Random Things I Want To Tell You

I have been having a hard week. I felt as if I was catching a cold and had been taking DayQuil but then Thursday I felt so horrible stomach pains and nausea I tried to shake it but just couldn't started feeling light headed and dizzy as well!

I ended up in the ER suffering from "Severe Dehydration" after hours of fluids and rest I was able to go home!

For the past couple days I have been drinking so much water I am on my way to peeing clear

But I am feeling much better!

Today is my first day back at work since Thursday and I have to be completely honest I wish I could have stayed home! After being off for so long I just like being home!

I actually finished my 2nd Etsy order!! That was very exciting!

It is exciting knowing that people are interested in your work and maybe in the future if I make more money off of my Etsy shop then staying home would be more of a reality than a dream!

Who knows....we will just have to wait and see what the future holds!!

Ohh by the way exciting things happening here.......
Did I tell you that my sister Ashley & I have started our own podcast??? 

Well we did and its LIVE!!! Check it out!!

I have put a link on my sidebar for it........it is called "Louder Then the Laughter" it is available on Itunes as well as our Blog

Check it out and leave us some feedback!!!

If theres any questions or topics you'd like us to discuss let us know!! We are just 2 crazy moms trying to help other crazy moms ;)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Learning To Shut Your Mouth

I am in desperate need of this!! I need to learn or train myself to "shut the heck up"

Why is it the I just voice my opinion on pretty much everything!

Is this a problem that every girl has or is it really just me??

If there is a problem at work I speak out on it especially if I feel that it is unfair I dont think that is a bad thing! Is it?

I know people who just sit back in there chair and keep there mouth shut and at times they let people walk all over them and I for one dont agree with that!

Stand up for yoruself ladies!!

If you dont think something is fair then say so!

Are we suppose to just sink into our chairs and get taken advantage of??

I think not!

I feel very strongly about just a handful of things in life and this is most certainly one of them!

I will not be taken advantage of nor will I be treated unfairly.....if I die this post right here is how I want people to remember me.

***Strong Willed - Outspoken***

Should I train myself to bite my toungue?? I dont think so but...
Will I train myself to know the right timing or the right thing to say so it doesnt come off so blunt.....YES!!!

Well ladies it seems that I have a lot of work to do!!

Monday, February 4, 2013

What To Do & Where To Go

Have you ever had one of those days where nothing seems to be going right??

I'm having one of those days today actually!

I work at a hotel and have worked at a hotel since 2008 and somehow I have been having a lot of negative feelings about the hotel industry...well more like the customer service industry ;)

I just don't understand why are people so cruel and mean to us customer service agents??

I have been working in this industry for so long that I just fit except that I don't if that makes any sense what so ever!!

I just don't really know what else to do or what else I could do.... job wise.

What do you do when you figure out that everything you have always done just isn't working???

Relationships...financially...mentally...physically...I feel like everything is just not working right now!!

I moved to Louisville to get a Fresh Start and to be happy again and yet somehow here I am in a different place but doing the same exact things!

How is it that I'm just not getting this?? I cant just move cities and expect everything to go my way and I get that but what am I suppose to do??

Sometimes I think that doing the same thing but in a different place will then work out because maybe in that "new" place there won't be people like this...or it wont be like this....geography will be different....different places sometimes fix problems but sometimes they don't. Maybe I'm just in the wrong "industry"

So what happens now??

Well this is what I have to say...I am a strong independent mother and I will figure it all out maybe not right now and maybe not even this week or this month!

But.....I will figure it out and everything will fall into place!!

I will find an amazing job that I really love and enjoy doing and I will succeed at it!

I will be the best mother for Alyssa and we will be very happy that I know for a fact!!