Friday, December 28, 2012

Feeling Kind of Blah!!!

You ever have one of those days...weeks when your just not feeling very with it?

It normally happens for me when I spend my days off running around. It just makes me feel very busy! Not that thats a bad thing its just very hard sometimes because I feel like I dont spend a lot of time with Alyssa!

I mean my sister Ashley already has her 4 days a week while Im working then on my days off I just want to hang out with her all day. But when we are together and Im running around from store to store buying groceries or running around the house switching back and forth from laundry to dishes I just dont know if she feels neglected or ignored! I feel like she does but I just dont know!

Just cause we are in the same room together doesnt mean we are spending time together does it?

Here lately she has started this new thing where when Im leaving for work she starts whining and says "Lyssa go to work too?"      It just breaks my heart!

Doesnt she understand I have to work to be able to take care of her?

Of Course Not Andrea!!! She is only 2 years old!!

I just get soo mad at myself sometimes!! I guess I just expect too much out of her! She is just so smart and independent I have to constantly remind myself that she is only 2!

I just want her to look back at her childhood and remember all the fun times we had not all the days she spent at Ashleys house because I had to work! 

Thats kinda how I remember my childhood! My mother is a workaholic....I remember sometimes she would literally work 10-12 days in a row working overtime just to pay bills while my dad was working 5 days a week! Its hard for everybody!! I guess as parents we just want our kids to be happy and have whatever they want even if that means working 10-12 days in a row! Is that really good for our kids though?

I just want to be an awesome mother especially since Alyssa's dad isnt around to help out!

I feel like some single mothers try so hard to provide for there children and thats all the kids remember is that their mother did what she could to take care of them!

I dont want Alyssa to remember that! I dont want Alyssa to look back and remember me constantly working.

Whats more important spending time with your children or providing for them???

Thursday, December 13, 2012

My First Etsy Order!!!!

Yay! I did it!

I sold some Chalkboard Wine Glasses on Etsy!

It was my very first order!

Now that #1 is out of the way I should be getting some more orders. Isn't that how it always works??

You go to buy something from somebody online then you see that they've never sold anything before...makes you wonder whats going on..So your next step is to either try it and hope for the best or go elsewhere to a person that has tons of experience and past orders!

Well finally after months of waiting I have made my first sale! I am truly super siked about this!!

Plus I have something "in the works" 

New Years Eve Wine Glasses!!!!

I am super excited because I am doing something that I love!! I am very passionate about painting and love that I can add my own design and creative thinking to certain things and be able to post them and sell them for people to enjoy!

So stay tuned I will post pictures as soon as I can!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Snowflake Cupcakes...Yumm!!!

For my work Christmas party I also made some cupcakes that I saw on Pinterest!!!

Yes!! I pretty much am on Pinterest everyday and thats where I get a lot.......well lets be honest here ALL of my ideas from!! An NO Im not ashamed!! :)

So this is what I saw on Pinterest.....

I absolutely fell in love with these cupcakes!!!!

I did not fall in love with the chocolate cupcakes though....Sorry I just dont like chocolate cupcakes! is how mine turned out......

Not quite the same but similar...Basic yellow cake with white icing I added the blue food coloring just spread it on and did the white chocolate stars aka "snowflake" nothing fancy just something cute and simple!

I am just loving the fact that I am doing all of these cute pinterest crafts and desserts!

What have you done lately that you'd like to share????

Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Themed Wine Glasses

So instead of going out and buying a Secret Santa gift for my work Christmas party I decided to make one!

I had some leftover wine glasses and decided to do a cute little Christmas theme.

While Pinsurfing I found these cute designs....

Source: via Linda on Pinterest

This picture came from SRMemorableDesigns Etsy Site.

I love all of these they are just too cute!! is what I came up with......
This is the Front:

This is the Back:

So....What do you think? I really like them! I tried to kinda mesh things together and come up with my own style of doing them! I wrapped them up nice and tight and put them in the Secret Santa gift exchange and my coworker that got them was actually very happy with them!!

So it was definitely a Win - Win situation!!

I am actually thinking about doing some glasses for New Years to put on my Etsy Site as well....Got any ideas for me let me know!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

~Our Christmas Tree~

I really wanted this Christmas to be special since we have been going through so much "change" here recently with a fresh start and everything I wanted to try to do something a little different this year!!

While Pinsurfing I found this.....

I just fell in love with this tree!!! I thought it was simple and cute looked very fun and cheap it was perfect especially since Alyssa still likes to get into things I thought it would be a great tree because really it leaves the entire floor open she cant really hurt anything! is what I made....dont laugh..please!

Mine is a lot different because come to find out it was not that simple or cheap to make that tree so kudos to whoever made it!! I thought I was going to loose my mind just trying to make this one!

It is not perfect by any means but it is mine and I have actually grown to LOVE it!!

It still leaves the floor completely open and actually Alyssa loves it too!

Total cost was about $30 bucks which isnt bad.

I probably would've spent $30 bucks on a tree alone then I would've had to buy everything else!

So for our first Christmas Tree out on our own I would say this one fits in perfectly!!!    :)

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Working Mother

I am having some trouble balancing out my life right now.....a full time working mother of 1.

I have a hard time thinking about how other parents of 2,3 or even 4 children handle everything!

If I work during the day I only get to spend about 4.5hrs with Alyssa before she goes to bed and if I work at night I only get to spend 3-4hrs with her before she takes her nap.

Sometimes when I say "Mommy has to go get ready for work" Alyssa starts being extremely whiny and says "Lyssa get ready for work too?"

It breaks my heart! I just feel as if I dont get to spend as much time with her as I want to!!

But then again......when I am spending time with her trying to potty train gets frustrating then her picky eating habits gets frustrating!

Sometimes I feel as if I dont get to spend a lot of time with her but the time I am spending with her Im constantly raising my voice or putting her in time out!

How is it that most nights I am going to bed so frustrated and feeling as if I am close to being worlds worst mom!!!

I just dont understand!    Potty training is just getting harder and harder it seems! She goes really awesome for 2 days then has an accident at church or at my sisters house! She even just gets playing with her dolls at home and has an accident!

My mom says that it happens sometimes because they get so distracted with what they are doing that they forget they are wearing underwear. Which when you stop to think about it....Alyssa has been wearing a diaper for over 2 years it is pretty hard to get her use to going to the bathroom like a big girl!

But of course in the midst of cleaning pee off my floor I dont take the time to think about this. I do not have the patience for potty training!! :(

I told you guys........~Worlds Worst Mom Award~

So mothers of 2, 3 even 4 please tell me your secret!!! How do you do it?? Potty Training?? Organization?? Spending precious time with your child/children??

The biggest one Just being a MOM!?!

My 100th Post!!!!

Hey Everybody!!

I am so happy to say that this is my 100th post!!

I have really enjoyed writing these posts!!

I see my views going up higher and higher but havent heard anything from my viewers!

How am I doing everybody??

I feel like a semi-driver.....with a sticker on my back saying "Hows My Driving" but honestly I would love some feedback from the people that actually read my blogs!

So...Let Me Know!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Potty Training......Ugh!

I dont think Im the only mother in the world that feels like this about potty training....but if I am then Lord save me now because its about to be one heck a month for me!!

I feel like I am struggling so bad with this! I am soooo happy when Alyssa actually pees in the potty and she has even pooped in the potty but then when she messes herself I get so frustrated.

How can she go potty on the potty all day for a couple days then just stand there and pee all over herself?

I dont get it....I know I know be patient!!!

Well to be quite honest here.......I dont know what God was thinking allowing me to have a child because I feel as if I am the least patient person in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!

I started potty training when she was 18mths. but she just didnt understand so then I stopped for a while then when she turned 2yrs. I started up again but she did not show any interest in it. So I stopped and maybe 1 or 2 months later started up again and with great success!!!!

But.....ever since I moved here she has went back to showing no interest! Some of my friends are saying its probably because of all the "change"

Well its been a month! Diapers are expensive!!!

I need help!!!      Please   :)