Monday, August 26, 2013

Alyssa's Eating Chart Week #4

I can no longer say that this Eating Chart is new since we are on Week #4 already!!

Honestly I am very happy with the results from this week!!

Last week I was ready to throw in the towel.

I don't want to pressure Alyssa into eating I just want to give her more of an incentive type thing for eating.

I don't even really know if this is the type of thing I need to do that but I'm just trying it out.

So here we are at Week #4

I am so proud of this week!! 

There are just sooo many happy faces!

This week was very encouraging to me!! 

To feel like we are making no improvements to definitely making improvements is just so awesome!!

Yay!!! I'm just so happy Alyssa is eating!!!!

Question for all you moms out there....

If your child tastes something and says they do not like it do you make them something else or do you then excuse them??

What do you do if your child just doesn't like something??

Friday, August 23, 2013

Alyssa's New Eating Chart Week #3

I  feel like I want to give up on this chart thing already!!

I am getting aggravated when Alyssa does not eat. 

In the beginning I thought this would be a good thing but now I just don't know.....

So lets get to it....Week #2 seemed like a little improvement was made. 

Alyssa seemed to eat her lunch more consistently while dinner was still a struggle. goes Week #3

I would say that her eating kind of went down hill this week!

Although she ate a bit better at dinner her lunch was a struggle!

I try not to be too pushy at lunch since she eats so good at breakfast but I feel like she still needs to eat a well balanced meal.

I'm struggling with options!

Do I discipline her when she gets Sad Faces? 
Do I put too much pressure on her to eat her food?

Is this normal and I am just crazy??

Need help ASAP!!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Alyssa's New Eating Chart Week #2

So my daughter has horrible eating habits!! She is 3 years old and I can barely get her to clean her plate most days!! 
If your just tuning in you should flip back to yesterdays post Eating Chart Week #1 to catch up!!

So here is a picture of Alyssa's Week #2 with her eating chart.....

Week #2 went okay I would say that there was a lot more Smiley faces for lunch but still not a lot of improvement on dinner!

Alyssa seemed more excited about her eating chart this week so I thought for sure that it would help her want to eat more but honestly I'm just not to sure that this is helping her!

I don't know what to do....any advice???

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Alyssa's New Eating Chart Week #1

Now I'm not sure if having this eating chart is a positive or negative for our family but its a good way to keep track of all of Alyssa's poor eating habits!! 

So here's the deal....

Alyssa is an extremely picky eater and honestly I have no idea where she gets it from both her dad and I eat anything and everything!!!

Since she turned 1 year old she has never ate mashed potatoes! What toddler does not like mashed potatoes??

Even Macaroni and Cheese is a hit and miss in our house!! 

I honestly don't remember Alyssa eating any type of red meat EVER!!

Even Chicken is iffy!! 

I'm telling you she is the most frustrating eater I have ever known!!

So here is what it looks like.....
Smiley Face- Alyssa ate all of her food that was given
Straight Face- Alyssa didnt eat all of it but some of it
Sad Face- Alyssa did not eat any of her food

Day # 1

Breakfast is her best meal! Lunch is where it all goes down hill! Dinner is a battle!

Day # 3

You can see here that really every morning is pretty awesome!!

Day # 5

Here we are getting a little better on Wednesday Alyssa had all 3 Smiley faces which means she ate all of her food for all 3 meals!! So I gave her a special prize!!

Week #1- Complete

How awesome Alyssa had all 3 Smiley faces on Thursday too!! 
Maybe this chart is helping her!!

So to sum up Week # 1 of our Eating Chart....Alyssa ate all of her food 2 out of 7 days!!

Do you have issues with your toddlers eating habits?? What do you do to help them??

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Day At Deam Lake

Living in Ohio we had a couple different places where we could go for water fun.

Honestly it was almost therapeutic to me!

When I had a tough week it was just the best feeling in the world to just relax on the grass or sand and soak up the sun for hours!

It usually resulted in me getting sun burnt but ohh was it worth it!!

Well since moving to Louisville I have had the hardest time finding a place to go swimming and soak up the sun. Louisville is not really surrounded by water they have a lot of Spray grounds for children but nothing really made for the adults!

Until now….. my awesome sister Ashley found us a nice little lake to go to!!

It is in Indiana but honestly it’s not too far about 30 minutes from our house!

But it is so worth it!!

I have found my paradise!!!

Here are a couple pictures that I took from our last visit!

So what do you all think?!? Did I find my paradise or what!!!

Friday, August 9, 2013

**Stitch Fix # 3**

I am soo excited to share these pictures with you all!!

Each time I get a fix I fall more and more in love with Stitch Fix!!

If you haven't tried it you should at least once......

So here we go people my 3rd Stitch Fix!

Option #1
I am in LOVE with this shirt! The colors the style the fit everything is perfect!!

Option #2
I love this dress!! I have been wearing dresses all summer! 

The fit is great the color and style are definitely super cute and perfect for the summer!

Option #3
I will have to say that these types of shirts are just not my style! I have seen them on other people and lived them but for me....I think I will pass!

Option #4
I absolutely love this blazer!! The fit and style are perfect! Sadly it was a bit too snug for my comfort but super cute none the less!!

Option #5
I got a super cute striped skirt but it did not fit at all! I wish it would've fit because it was cheap and adorable but Stitch Fix already gave me enough super cute clothes to choose from!!

So what do you all think???

If any of you are interested in trying Stitch Fix please use the referral link below...