Sunday, August 26, 2012


So if you guys haven't seen already I am a    .COM   How exciting is that??

I am really excited about this new change I think it's just what I need to get out of my CrAzY funk although Im not out of it quite yet I still have a lot on my mind about the future and my family but honestly....... Blogging helps me get through it I love signing in and seeing how many people have viewed my blog and sometimes I even have Comments!!

Thank you all for your support!! <3 <3 <3

Also another change I have made this past week is my Etsy Shop!!!

I believe I have uploaded most of everything I can make and I have OPENED SHOP!!

Please don't hesitate to put in your order!! ; )

I am really excited about both of these things as I have been working on my Etsy shop for a while now!!

Finally it has all come together!!!

Also another change is my Instagram is now available to view on my Blog!!

This is probably my favorite thing!! I absolutely love Instagram!! I take a lot of pictures and just love uploading them to Instagram!! So you can also take some time to scan through those pics!!!!

I really owe my sister Ashley & my brother in law Michael a HUGE thank you!!

Ashley has been taking a lot of time out of her schedule to help me get everything set up....
My Blog
My Etsy
My PayPal
My E-mail

She was the one that designed my Blog & Etsy!!!!

Thank you Michael for being supportive through all of this and helping with my "names"

Both of you have been awesome in helping me out and I love you sooo much!!!

Super excited for whats to come!!!! I love blogging!!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

I Feel Like Im CrAzY!!

I am going through a bunch of issues!!! These issues may result in me taking a break from Blogging....

Im Sorry!

I am physically, emotionally, and spiritually exhausted.....confused......unhappy......anxious and pretty much every other feeling you could imagine!!

I feel so overwhelmed and pretty much crazy! Im sitting here thinking of all these things that could change my life in a very big way and tossing these ideas and plans back and forth in my brain is getting me nowhere!!

I just need to do some things in my life right now that may be tough and very hard to do.......but need to get done! I am a mother!! I need to take care of myself so I will be more able to take care of Alyssa!!

Those of you that are close to me know what Im going through and most of you probably dont understand!!

Those of you that are not close to me please just pray for my......Patience, Guidance, Plans, Dedication, Vision!!!

I am in need of some prayer and support!!

I hope all of you will continue to give advice and support through all of these issues and they are in no way very serious where any of you should be concerned.....I am just going through some personal battles that I need to figure out!!

I may update here and there throughout my war with myself so keep a look out and share your way of meditation and problem solving as I need all the help I can get!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Color Me Rad 5K

I did it!!!!!!
I participated in my first 5K Race and boy was it FUN!!! I was in the Color Me Rad 5K!!

My Mom, Alyssa and myself participated in this colorful and exciting 5K Sunday the 19th

I have never done a 5K before and honestly I dont think Ive ever particiapted in ANY kind of race before!!! I have always wanted to but never got the courage to actually do it...

My Want List is very very long but My To Do List or My Checked Off List are very very short!!

I always want to do all of these things but I never want to do them alone and some of my friends show interest but then never really do it either!!

But......I do not just want to do things I want to actually do them!!

You only have one life to live why stand by and watch everybody else when you could be joining them??

I am now taking charge of my life!!!!

So Day 1 of my transformation.......5K Race

First Step- Registration

I really wanted to do this race because it looked really fun!! So I begged my mom to do it with me and she said YES!!!

So we paid our Fees and got registered!!!

It was a very tough decision because the race was on a Sunday and we did not want it to interfere with church but it was early enough where we could participate and still have time to shower and go to church!!!
Second Step- Actually Doing It

My mom & I slept horrible!! We were both nervous that we were going to over sleep and miss the race!!

We had to wake up at 6am to get ready and then make the drive and we had to be there 45min. early

But we did  it!!! It was tough waking up that early to do a 5K but we both forced ourselves to do it plus I did not pay the fees for nothing!! :)

Third Step- WE DID IT!!!!

Me, Alyssa, and My Mom

Me & Alyssa


This was the most fun I have had in awhile!!

Honestly I pushed Alyssa in the stroller and my mom walked beside me it was very nice!! We walked most of it but ran/jogged in some spots!! The color made it super fun!! People were dressed up in costumes and guys were wearing wigs I mean the entire time was just awesome!!

This was my first 5K but it will definitely not be my last!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Girls Night!!!

Friday the 17th my last night in Kentucky I decided to do something special......Michael took his "Big Man" to a football game so all of us girls were home alone!!

We ordered pizza......watched a movie and had a Spa night!!

I bought these "Peel Off Masque" packets for us girls!!

So Me, Alyssa, Ashley and "Big Girl" all put these Masques on our faces before the movie started and sat there and watched the movie while they dried!!

It was so much fun!!

It was so wierd because as the Masque dried it made our faces feel super tight! So as we were talking the Masque would crack and start peeling!! It was so funny!!

Alyssa didnt really know what to think at first!! Her facial expressions were just priceless!!

The Face Masque we all put on was this "Green Tea Masque" that is suppose to detox & moisturize your skin while clensing your pores!!!

I know fancy stuff huh?!? :) It was such a blast!!

Here is a picture of Ashley & I......Boy do we look like creepy!!!

The packaging shows an actual "Green Masque" but it really was this clear gel that you rub on your face and it dries pretty much clear with a little green tint!!

We look like Wax people!! lol Ehh this picture is weird!!

This visit was such a blast!!! But for future Spa Dates.....

Anybody know where I can buy the actual green masques??????


I made it!!!!!
I have been trying to get to Kentucky to visit my sister Ashley for like 2 days!!
But finally Im here!!!

Let me back up a bit.......

Friday the 11th- Alyssa had a fever 101.3 then she literally had a fever everyday after that over 100 degrees F     

*This is the reason for my recent post "Why Is Parenting So Hard" This same fever is why I had to cancel my plans for Friday & Saturday!!

Monday the 14th- (Day 4 of fever) I took Alyssa to the Dr. and she was not even concerned that Alyssa has had a fever over 100 for 4 days!! She said just keep giving her Tylenol and it should get better...She thinks it is Alyssa's 2yr molars coming in! Which now I do agree with her :)

I had made arrangements to go to Kentucky Tuesday to visit with my sister Ashley & her family for the whole week!!

But with Alyssa running this fever Ashley & her husband Michael did not want us coming down and possibly getting there children sick! Which is completely understandable!

So my plans of leaving Tuesday were cancelled :(

But I was able to go Wednesday!!!!

I was able to stay Wednesday the 15th thru Saturday the 18th!!!

It was awesome!! I got to hang out with Ashley & Michael and spend time with my nieces & nephews before they start school!!

I LOVE spending time in Kentucky with Ashley!! I only have this one sister and we are so close in age I just love spending time with her!!! She can relate to what worries or stresses me out and she always knows what to say!!!

I just love my family so much!! I am truly blessed!!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Picky Toddler

I dont know if this is normal or not but Alyssa barely eats!!

I am not even kidding her food list is as follows......

Breakfast.....Her best meal!!!
Breakfast bars

Pretty much breakfast she eats anything breakfast wise!

Animal Crackers
1 Single Hotdog.....On a good day!!
Maybe 1-2 Chicken Nuggets....On an amazing day!!

Is hopeless!!!!
Maybe 1-2 Chicken Nuggets
Maybe half a slice of cheese pizza
Possibly a Corndog
Possibly 2 Fish Sticks

She drinks water & milk throughout the day but Ive tried not giving her milk or water unless its with mealtime which she normally downs the entire cup and then in my opinion is too full to eat!!

She is 2 years old I feel like she should be eating like 1/3 the serving of an Adult???

Veggies hahahahahahahahaha Yea Right!!!
She wont even eat mashed potatoes!!!

She was an amazing eater when she was a baby!! Always drank her formula and rice cereal then when time baby food!!

She ate EVERY kind of baby food except "Squash" she would eat baby food like no tomorrow and honestly Ive had problems with her eating since she turned 1 and I started feeding her normal food!!

Honestly.......She has weighed 26lbs. for A YEAR!!!!

I have spoken to her Drs and they say the same thing everytime.....
"She will eat when she is hungry"

What kind of answer is that??!??

Help Please!!! How can I get Alyssa to eat a stable and healthy amount of food daily?? Do you think this is normal?? Should I be concerned??

Ahhhhhhhhh!! What do I do??

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New Job = New Oppurtunity

I have been in the Hospitality Industry for a very long time it all started when I was in High School I only went for 2 years then transferred out to a Vocational School where I studied "Travel & Tourism" so since I was 16 I have been learning about this industry everything from AAA bookings to Concierge Services at hotels!

My very first job was at Hometown Buffet....I started off as a Cashier and later started Hosting and then became a Server now as we all know Hometown Buffet is a "Buffet" so there so called "Server" position was really like a busser we would get drinks for customers but other than that we just cleared off empty plates and dishes and once the customers left clean the we did get paid as a server plus tips but its no where near a Waitress/Server job at like Applebees or Olive Garden.

From there I worked at Doctors Hospital in the Kitchen and I literally did EVERYTHING I cooked I cleaned I was a Cashier I did Room Service I put trays together I even helped setup a couple Meetings here and there!!

Then in 2007 I started in Hotels and Ive been working in hotels ever since!! I have ONLY worked at Hilton Hotels!!

I pretty much can do anything at the Front Desk and a lot in the Kitchen I served in different hotels Breakfast & Dinner and helped out during Happy Hour (a little bartending) when needed!

So as you can see my Hospitality Experience is "Jack Of All Trades Master Of None" lol

So originally I applied as a Server in the Sports Venue at the new Hollywood Casino opening up in October but during my interview the manager said he didnt think I had enough experience Serving wise to be a Server there because it was going to be very fast paced and he thought it might overwhelm me!
       Which I totally got!! I had been thinking that very same thing and actually told my mom I didnt even want to go to the interview anymore!

But then he started talking about my experience in Meetings/Catering and he actually offered me a position in that department! He said in hotels its more of a business setting with meetings and casual lunches and thats as far as my serving experience went (which I agreed) So I gladly accepted the position!!

Im super excited because its full time and currently I only work 3 days a week part time 24 hours/week but I make decent money!

I will be making the same amount in Catering but when we dont have meetings or banquets to setup he wanted to crosstrain me into being a Cashier or Buffet Attendant (which Ive done before!!) That position makes a little less but overall Im super excited about the change in atmosphere!!

I drive 25min. to work currently but the Casino is only about 10-15min. away so Im saving a little on gas not that much as I am working more but in my head it all balances out!!

I am hoping that by taking this new position it will help me to learn more about the Hospitality Industry in that type of setting and hopefully I will be able to move up and stay at this company for a very long time!!

My Life Goal is to have a CAREER (not just a job) by the time Im 30!

I am trying really hard to accomplish this goal so hopefully I am making the right choice!!

But only time will tell right?

Why Is Parenting So Hard?!?!

Please Please Please Dont judge me from this post!!

I need to write and blow off some steam....what perfect place to do it then on a blog where other mothers can give me some feedback and advice!!

Warning......I am going to sound very selfish in this post!!!

So for those of you that do not know me personally this may be new to you for those of you that do know me personally please bear with me!!

I am 24 years old and a mother to a wonderful babygirl Alyssa she is 2 years old!!

I turned 22 just 2 weeks before I gave birth to Alyssa!

Here father Adam & I were together for a long time but during my pregnancy we broke up and got back together broke up then got back together it was so unstable then once Alyssa got here it was not any better he lost his job I wasnt working it was a total trainwreck!!!

He was still in the mind set that he could do whatever he wanted and I was not okay with that so one day I packed everything up and moved in with my mother!! Alyssa was 3 weeks old!!

I still live with my mom!

So this past week has been a rough week on me very challenging in multiple ways!!! I have been very irritable and angry towards a lot of people that did not deserve it.

This is were I become selfish!!!

I had made plans both Friday & Saturday nothing big just hanging out with friends.....dinner ya know normal things!!

Well Alyssa has a temperature!! She has had a temperature since Friday morning!

Fluctuating from 101.3   99.7  101.5   100  just so on and off  and for no reason she is eating as normal playng as normal a little bit fussy here and there but overall pretty normal!!

A couple times she had woken up in the middle of the night super sweaty/clamy where I would touch her and could just tell she had a fever her skin was burning hot!!! So I gave her medicine.....the meds worked to reduce her fever but it just kept coming back!

So I had to cancel my plans for Friday & Saturday!!!

Ugh!! This is so frustrating!! I just want to be able to go out to eat with some girlfriends and catch up.......or go swimming with my friend and her a cute little slumber party girls night thing.....I want to be able to go over to friends' house and just hang out but I cant because I am a young mother!! I have a baby daddy that is not here to help out with his kid!!  Plus she has a fever!!

Which is completely understandable please dont get the wrong impression I totally get why I had to cancel my plans its not worth putting others and there children in danger of catching whatever she may or may not have!! Its still frustrating none the less!

Sometimes I wish I could just go back in time and things might be different I never regret having Alyssa just the outcome of how things are now!

I mean a lot of my friends are married or living with there childs father....How did I miss that memo!?! How was I soo blind?!?

I enjoy looking at Alyssa and seeing her bright blue eyes and her cute button nose but sometimes I just get soo frustrated at my life!! The responsibilities of being a parent are so overwhelming!
Especially because Im so young its hard....I want to be able to do all this stuff but I cant!

I guess if parenting was so easy everybody would be doing it!!!

Please give me some feedback....

I am in desperate need of advice.....please comment!!

Friday, August 10, 2012

New Hair!!!

Hey Everyone!!

I am super excited about this post because it is all about my new haircut!!

I have been growing it out for soo long but it has gotten really tangly and frizzy and just out of control!!

Here is a Before picture of my hair......

So as you can see my hair was really long it was passed my bra so I would say about half way down my back!

But it just felt so heavy and it looked so stragly I felt like i couldn't do anything with it!

So I saw this really cute haircut on Pinterest and decided to chop it off!!!

This was a HUGE step for me I have been wanting my haircut for weeks but was just soo nervous I would look awful or the cut wouldn't be what I wanted!!

I was a nervous wreck about this!!

Here is a After picture of my hair....

TaDa!! My New Hair!!

Its so awesome!!! Its so lightweight and very few tangles!!

I love it!!!

I styled my hair yesterday after I got out of the shower....I just threw some mousse in it and hairsprayed it a little put my bangs up and went to work it was so easy!!!

I havent been able to do that in MONTHS!!!

Having long hair is sooo much work!!!

Here is a picture of me at work!!

I am in love with my hair!!!!

Thank you soo much to my favorite hairstylist Katy!!!!! <3

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


It is time to get serious about this!!!!! WeightLoss!!
I am very very very bad when it comes to Goals I honestly hate setting goals because if I dont make it I get really sad and discouraged! Some would say I need to rethink my goals and make them more realistic that way its easier to make that goal! I dont know to me that would seem kinda pointless if I dont have to work hard to get it why do it? I dont know what it is!!

Maybe Im lazy? Maybe I dont want this as much as I thought I did?

Well this time I am hitting this Goal with full force!!!

I am going to loose this weight!!   I will NOT be taking NO as an answer!!

Some would look at me and say Yea Andrea your the biggest Ive ever seen you!!
       -To those friends thanks for your honesty but next time please LIE!!   :)
Some would look at me and say Andrea you look fine I dont think your fat at all!
       -To those friends I am not blind I do look in the mirror but thank you!!   :)

I know Im a little bit hefty and thats fine I guess my thing is I just want to Tone Up and Tighten....I want to have muscles not flab!!

So I am walking/jogging/running a 5k August 19th with my mom and my daughter Alyssa!!

It seems pretty AWESOME I mean look........

Throughout the race they have these "Color Stations" where people spray you with colored cornstartch so you start out in all white but by the end of the race your like a Rainbow!!


An its for a good cause.......

A portion of all proceeds goes toward the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team In Training of Central Ohio.

"Together we train to beat cancer" 

How great is that!?! I get to     
1.) Excercise     
2.) Get Colored    
3.) Help a good cause

Can you say WINNING!!   :)

I am super pumped and guess what!!!!

There is still time to sign up if you want!! My team (My mom, Alyssa, and myself) we are called "The Walking Women"    you can join us or make your own just go to

Just sayin!! It'll be fun!!!

If your not interested no worries just keep a heads up because I will post before and after pictures on my blog and facebook!!!

Also you can now join me on Twitter!!!   AndieOnTweet

I would encourage everybody to work towards your goals!!!

Its an awesome feeling being able to say that you made your goal!!

Im working hard to be able to say that!!!!

~Wordless Wednesday~

Atlast it has arrived!!!! WORDLESS WEDNESDAY!!!!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Pinterest Project.......Sprinkler

I went to Alyssa's Aunt Christy's house so she could hem my work pants and while she was doing that we were going to let the children run through the sprinkler!! Very normal thing to do!!

This was not just any sprinkler!! This was a homemade sprinkler from Pinterest!!

As you can see in the picture (on your left) Its just a little skinny thing but it is awesome!! Its made out of PVC pipe and misters from a hardware store then you hook it up to your water hose and it sprays out this mist so the kids can play in it!!
Awesome Idea!!
Alyssa LOVED it which I was a little suprised because she doesn't like to get her face wet or water near her face but.....
With water dripping down her cheeks and chin she giggled and laughed like nobodies business!!
This is definitely a MUST HAVE for families with multiple children or even just ONE!!

This kept Alyssa busy for awhile!!!

Down below you will find the Pinterest Link that will show you step by step how to make a homemade sprinkler for your yard!!

Also some other fun ativities!!

Lowes Creations

Pinterest Sprinkler

Kids Sprinkler

I hope you try it!! I know I am!!

Thank You For the Idea Christy!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Ohio State Fair 2012

I am super excited about this post because its about my trip to The Ohio State Fair!!
My mom Julia, Alyssa and myself all went together....Can you say Family Retreat!!
It was really fun!!
This was Alyssa's first time at the fair and she loved it!!
 First we went and visited the Sheep...Alyssa was really excited about see live animals other than cats and dogs!!
Heres one that was just hanging out.....They were so cool to look at some big but some small!! Also some of the guys were shaving there sheep so we got to see that too! It was pretty cool!
Second Alyssa & I went on the Carousel at first she liked it because of all the horses but then when it started spinning she started to cry!! But she stayed on her horse the entire time!! My BIG Girl!!
Third Alyssa rode on these Boats that just went around like the carousel but they had horns that you could blow!! It was super cute! She loved it!! She had soo much fun!!
Fourth Alyssa rode these Alligators that were actually floating on water!! She wanted to stick her hand in the water but I wouldn't let her the woman that was in charge of this ride but very strict about children keeping their hands in the gator!! But she giggled so much I was suprised that she enjoyed it this much!! I of course loved seeing her ride the rides but it was just her so I didnt think she would actually enjoy it as much!! But she did!!
We had such a great time at The Ohio State Fair!! It was such a great experience!! The best thing is to look over and see Alyssa smiling that's when I know Im doing a good job!!

What has been the best experience that you've had with your children so far this summer?

~Wordless Wednesday~

B-E-A-UTIFUL Alyssa!!!

My beautiful daughter who is the LIGHT of my LIFE!!!