Friday, August 10, 2012

New Hair!!!

Hey Everyone!!

I am super excited about this post because it is all about my new haircut!!

I have been growing it out for soo long but it has gotten really tangly and frizzy and just out of control!!

Here is a Before picture of my hair......

So as you can see my hair was really long it was passed my bra so I would say about half way down my back!

But it just felt so heavy and it looked so stragly I felt like i couldn't do anything with it!

So I saw this really cute haircut on Pinterest and decided to chop it off!!!

This was a HUGE step for me I have been wanting my haircut for weeks but was just soo nervous I would look awful or the cut wouldn't be what I wanted!!

I was a nervous wreck about this!!

Here is a After picture of my hair....

TaDa!! My New Hair!!

Its so awesome!!! Its so lightweight and very few tangles!!

I love it!!!

I styled my hair yesterday after I got out of the shower....I just threw some mousse in it and hairsprayed it a little put my bangs up and went to work it was so easy!!!

I havent been able to do that in MONTHS!!!

Having long hair is sooo much work!!!

Here is a picture of me at work!!

I am in love with my hair!!!!

Thank you soo much to my favorite hairstylist Katy!!!!! <3

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