Monday, August 6, 2012

Pinterest Project.......Sprinkler

I went to Alyssa's Aunt Christy's house so she could hem my work pants and while she was doing that we were going to let the children run through the sprinkler!! Very normal thing to do!!

This was not just any sprinkler!! This was a homemade sprinkler from Pinterest!!

As you can see in the picture (on your left) Its just a little skinny thing but it is awesome!! Its made out of PVC pipe and misters from a hardware store then you hook it up to your water hose and it sprays out this mist so the kids can play in it!!
Awesome Idea!!
Alyssa LOVED it which I was a little suprised because she doesn't like to get her face wet or water near her face but.....
With water dripping down her cheeks and chin she giggled and laughed like nobodies business!!
This is definitely a MUST HAVE for families with multiple children or even just ONE!!

This kept Alyssa busy for awhile!!!

Down below you will find the Pinterest Link that will show you step by step how to make a homemade sprinkler for your yard!!

Also some other fun ativities!!

Lowes Creations

Pinterest Sprinkler

Kids Sprinkler

I hope you try it!! I know I am!!

Thank You For the Idea Christy!!!

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