Sunday, May 21, 2017

Hello Transition, We Meet Again

This year has been full of transition for my family!

Cole and I got engaged in February 2016, then we got married just 7 months later in September 2016. It was so fun and exciting planning our wedding but then you see how much everything costs and then you get so overwhelmed, like how are we going to do this! Luckily my parents helped out a bit so it wasn't as overwhelming as it could've been but man was it hard.

Now that we are married I really don't feel much different. I don't know how I am suppose to feel after the wedding but we lived together before and were paying bills together before so after the wedding there really wasn't much difference.

Now we have made the giant move to Louisville and man oh man what a difference! I started a new job and he is hoping to start a new job soon, Alyssa will be 7 this July and will be entering the 2nd grade in a whole new school!! 

Transitions are something that people go through everyday, every week and even every year, but I don't think you are really 100% prepared. We had a plan and it seemed like what could go wrong did go wrong but now almost 2 months after the big move things are finally getting back to normal.

It has been such a hectic, adventurous and crazy year, but when I get home every night and look at my crazy and wild family I just feel so blessed each and everyday! 

It can only get better from here right??

Photos Provided By: Michael C. Wells Photography

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

When The Going Gets Tough!

Can I please be bold about our healthcare? I am not a genius when it comes to the healthcare system or to the politics of this world but when it comes to my child and my family I know what my heart tells me! I have been struggling with my daughter's appetite since she was one year old and the struggle is REAL!! I have tried everything, I have seen so many pediatricians and I have gotten many "second" opinions but it seems like all the doctors I see just tell me the exact same thing:

Your daughter is just a picky eater!
Your daughter just has a very tiny stomach, she can't handle a lot of food
This is just phase she will grow out of it
She will eat when she is hungry
Ahh she is just a kid
All kids are picky
Well she is still growing

Blah! Blah! Blah! I am sorry but if I have been going to doctors and expressing concerns about my child's appetite and her weight for 5 years don't you think somebody should listen!!!

I started to think I was seriously crazy! Am I just a helicopter mom that is overreacting because my daughter is "too thin" or is my voice just not being heard?

I went to this amazing conference in Louisville, Kentucky, they had a bunch of different classes for foster and adoptive parents, just sharing a lot of advice and knowledge about a bunch of different types of topics. The one I was most interested in was called "Is It Just Picky Eating, or is There Something More." I was very excited to finally get some answers about my child and what I can do to really help her with the struggles that she has. I asked a ton of questions and actually felt a tad bad because I didn't want to take up too much time but I need some answers!

It was a wonderful conference, I absolutely loved it! We talked about different sensory issues that children face but may not be able to express or verbalize. To share a little more info my daughter is an extremely picky eater, she has had her toe nails fall off. Some of her hair has just fell out of her head for no reason. The major one that we struggle with is recurrent pneumonia. My daughter holds food in her mouth for long periods of time refusing to actually swallow. It may not seem like a lot to some people but it's more frustrating than anything. After this class, I was really excited about moving forward and getting the help she needs. 

I brought some of the symptoms and possibilities up at my pediatricians office when we took a turn for the worse and my beautiful 6 year old baby girl passed out one evening. Unfortunately my pediatrician was not on the same page and completely dismissed my concerns. After many moments of me vocalizing my concern and expressing emotions and evidence that something is just not right I finally got a referral to see a nutritionist at one of the top children's hospitals in the US.  I was so relieved that finally my voice was heard and we can move forward with an action plan.

Well ladies and gents listen to this!!! Today was the day. I was excited, I was off work and we were on our way to see a nutritionist about my daughter! After all of the excitement and hope that we had can I just say, this appointment was nothing like I had expected! I shared my concerns about Alyssa's picky eating and shared symptoms that she had that seemed to point to some kind of sensory disorder and the nutritionist dismissed all of my concerns and pretty much said their was nothing they could do for my precious girl. My heart was breaking, tears were shed and anger was building up inside me! Why must it be so hard in this country to provide people with the healthcare that they need, the healthcare that they deserve and the healthcare that we pay for!! 
This is a 5 year battle of what some people would call a eating disorder, what some may call a sensory disorder and what most would call "just another picky eater" and people I am just not buying it anymore!! 
I know in my heart that some of those answers are just not true!! There is a reason why our children are picky!!
I will exhaust every optionevery doctors office and every single ounce of my being will go to getting my baby the healthcare and treatment that she needs even if that means uprooting my family to get it! Now who's with me!!

Moms and dads that may be dealing with the same or similar issues, (or friends that may know somebody that is struggling) please know that you are not alone and trust me when I say I am just as frustrated and exhausted as you are!! Please leave me a comment and please feel free to share this post!
Let us work together to find the answers that our doctors and pediatricians are just not giving us!!! 

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

I'M BACK!!!!

I am so sorry for the massive delay in my blog posts I feel like every time I get back on track something happens and knocks me out of my routine! Well ladies and gents I am back, and so much has happened!!!!

Major news here...... I got married!! I know I have wrote about Cole before but it has been just a couple times. So quick update, Alyssa and I got our own apartment and life was going good then Cole moved in, we got a dog and then after about a year we got engaged. After about 7 months we got married!! Here are some pictures for you!

We had a cute small outdoor wedding and it was the most stressful and happiest day of my life!! 

Where are all my married couples at?!? Give me advice on staying married and happy for years and years to come!!! 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Trying To Find Myself

So here I am sitting at the table eating my green salad and typing away. I really love writing, it's just that sometimes I dont know what to write about, I guess you can call that writers block. I guess! I love the feeling of my fingers on the keys and the pitter patter the keys make as I am typing! Sometimes I feel like I have great ideas but then as I'm typing, I find myself second guessing myself and end up deleting everything. I guess I'm a perfectionist! I am also a control freak! Yes I have finally come to terms with my compulsive controlling nature, which makes writing even better because I'm in control!

I have been watching this tv show about a bunch of girls living in California and I feel like I am somewhat living through their eyes. They have such freedom and carelessness about them. I feel like not everybody has that! I felt it myself when I was in California. I think that's what was so amazing about it, everybody is just so free and so confident. I blamed it on the sunlight, like everybody was on this all nature high from the perfect weather!!

 Just thinking about being in California makes me smile! I could probably write all night about my experince in California!! Well hey look at that, maybe thats just what I will do!!! I feel like a lightbulb just went off in my head! I am going to write about California!!! Yay to new projects!!!

Until next time guys!!!

Leave me a comment and tell me what is your California? Where do you feel most free and more you?

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Consolidate Your Bills

Hey guys! I have been going through all my post and realized since I have had a boyfriend I have been giving out a lot of advice! I am in no way an expert in dating, those of you who have read my book know that! 
I am simply just talking about how I feel and my opinion on things that are happening in my life! Take it or leave it guys!! Some advice may be good, some advice may be bad! Some things work in my life but may not work in yours! 

So, moving on......looking at the bills that Cole and I have seperately plus the bills we have together we are paying way too much!! So consolidating seems to be the perfect idea right? If we are going to be together in a relationship and live together as a family we need to cut corners wherever we can, starting with bills. Getting your finnaces in order causing so much less stress in your life and that way you can both be accountable and active in your financial situation. So just a couple of examples that I have......

Cell Phones: Cole has T-Mobile but I have Verizon

I am on a plan with my mom but Cole is by himself. Cole has been paying $110 a month for his cell phone. He has a smart phone and I think unlimited everything! 
My mom and I both have smart phones but my mom also has a tablet that is on our plan. We have unlimited talk and text with 10GB of data per month we pay $175 a month. 
So together we are paying $275 just to have our cell phones!
Looking at our plans and how much data, minutes and text we use, we decided for him to be added on to our plan. So to add his line on our plan it was only $60 extra a month. That is way better than paying $110. So now we are all on the same plan! 
Saving $50 a month!!

Another example is with our car insurance. Now, since we are not married we are not allowd to combine auto insurance policies. Cole and I work opposite shifts, so looking at our schedules we decided to be a one car family. 
Saving us money on our insurance $75 a month!
Plus, his car is way better on gas than mine was, I am not sure if we will be saving gas money but it is definitely a plus.

Now this stuff is nice to do when you have been together with your boy/girlfriend for a while that way you both are committed. If I didnt love Cole and think that we would be together forever I wouldnt be doing this stuff because you never want to find yourself being reliable or dependant on your significant other. So just do what is realistic for your family!!

What kind of ways do you all save on your monthly expenses? What advice do you have for other women on a way to cut corners with their bills?

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Delegating Duties and Dating

I must say it is so strange dating again. Maybe I was just single for so long that I just have to get use to it again. At first when Cole moved in with Alyssa and I, I was the women of the house you know I wanted to make sure that dinner was ready, the house was cleaned and laundry was done. We all want things to be perfect! But as life got busier and time went by faster, I started to feel very overwhelmed by normal house duties. I started feeling like everything was falling on my shoulders and everything was my responsibility. But after breaking down and just telling Cole that I was feeling overwhelmed we were able to come up with a nice plan.

Delegating duties in your relationship is a must ladies!! As much as we want we can not do it all. 
So here it is a little glimpse of what we do to make our lives a little easier.

Cole is in charge of:
Laundry: Washing and Drying
Dishes: Emptying the Dishwasher
Housework: Cleaning his half of the bedroom and helping out with the living room
-Taking the trash out-

I am in charge of:
Laundry: Folding and Putting Away
Dishes: Loading the Dishwasher
Housework: Cleaning my side of the bedroom and helping out with the living room
Vacuum and Mop aka Swiffer  :)
-Taking the trash out-

I even gave Alyssa some duties because I have been told if you start them early it will be normal routine for kids.

Alyssa is in charge of:
Laundry: Putting all her dirty clothes in her hamper and putting her hamper by the stairs
Dishes: Setting the table before dinner and putting her dirty dishes in the kitchen after dinner
Housework: Sweeping the kicthen floor and cleaning up her toys 
-Help take the trash out-

We are trying to make living together as easy as possible and trying to make sure that if we delegate duties then everybody is pulling the same weight and nobody will feel overwhelmed. 

Now, this is still a work in progress but hey its a start!

Dating is hard enough why make it harder by getting upset or fighting about little things like taking the trash out!

How do you delegate your duties at home? Do you share chores with your boyfriend, spouse or children? What advice do you have for people who are still trying to figure it all out?

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

I'm Getting Semi-Comfortable Here In Ohio!

So as you all know that have been following me for a while, I moved back home to Ohio after almost two years in Kentucky! It was a big adjustment! But being able to stay with my aunt and uncle helped out a lot getting some money saved up or not saved up and just being able to do things with my daughter was really great!

But now I am a big girl again!! 

I moved out of my aunt and uncles house in March and have been living on my own! It was nice because I waited until I got my tax return and that helped me buy all the stuff I needed for my apartment. I got a new sofa, pot and pans and thankfully my aunt gave me pretty much everything I needed for my kitchen, even a kitchen table!!

This kitchen table is very special to me because it use to be my families table, my mom got a new table and gave it to my aunt and uncle and then they let me use it as a desk when I lived there. When I moved out they let me take it with me! How cool is that! Every night when we sit down as a family and eat dinner I am eating at the same dining rom table that I use to growing up! 

After a month or two of living by myself and trying to get use to my new found freedom, my boyfriend moved in with me!!! Wow what a big change in life, right?!?

After being single and dating around here and there for four years I finally met somebody and have been dating them for a while now. His name is Cole!!!!

 Cole moved in with Alyssa and I and took on a huge role as a positive male figure in her life! It was so weird at first and honestly I sometimes still cant believe it! But, we are doing so great and I almost forgot how easy it is having somebody there with you, apart from friends and family having that romance and those feelings of security!

Being single was great and it let me focus on Alyssa, so I would suggest if your single live it up, own it completely because once you get back into a relationship it can be hard at first especiallly if you guys are not on the same page.

Cole and I fit perfectly together! Were I lack he gains and were I gain he lacks. I have never felt closer to somebody!! That part is what I missed being single!

But now, we have been living together for a couple months and starting to look at everything as a whole instead of two different parts, that is a big adjustment. It is exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. Combining bills and finances can be a deal breaker. Some couples are great together but fight about bills and money and that can tear people apart real fast. The best thing that that I've found is to be completely open and honest with each other, remember people communication is key!

So your turn........

Are you going through the same thing with your boyfriend? Are you guys new to living together or throwing around the idea of moving in together?

Couples who have been living together for awhile, what was the biggest struggle or adjustment for you and how did you overcome it? 

I need some advice ladies and gents!! 

Help a girl out here, I dont want to scare this one away!  ;)