Sunday, June 17, 2018

#Adulting What Does That Even Mean?!

I have been struggling lately with being an adult. I remember when I was little and just couldn't wait to be independent and have my own money and not have to answer to anyone! But now it just feels like I am trapped, I am suffocating with no way to get out. 
The bills are piling up and so is my workload! Sometimes (more recent than ever) I find myself just laying on the couch or laying in bed and just thinking to myself, ugh is this all we live for?

I got married, I had the kid and I have the job, but still it always seems as if something is missing. I work to keep the lights on and food in the fridge but then on my days off I am trying to catch up on laundry or the dishes or trying to spend time with Alyssa and Cole. 
I feel like the weekends are shorter but the work week is longer. 
How does that happen?

Cole and I got a desktop computer recently and we decided to buy Sims 4. Guys, it was like a flash back to my high school days. I use to play the sims all the time, I love that game! 

So I built my cute little house (with the cheat code of course cause who has time to make all that money in the beginning) I made Cole, Alyssa and I. I got our sims jobs and Alyssa was in school and life seemed so easy ya know? Then my sim got pregnant and we had a little boy and still life seemed so easy. 
Then my sim got pregnant again with TRIPLETS!!! I physically started getting overwhelmed with the crying babies and the meal times while caring for my sim and spending time with the other children! How in the world was I suppose to handle that!!
I ended up having my sim quit her job to stay home to care for the triplets and I still had to hire a nanny!! 
I thought to myself ohh my gosh this is overwhelming!! 
That is a video game people!!!

I started feeling the same emotions and feelings for my fake family in the sims that I kinda did in my real family now! Why do we work so hard to get so less? Is this really what life is about?

Cole and I had the idea of moving again for a job opportunity that had appeared. All I could think about was, Is this job going to make me happy? Is this move going to make me happy?

What am I doing wrong in my life that is causing so many deep and hard feelings?

I just don't have a clue people, still I know that I have great days where I am over the moon and I know that I have awful days when I just want to hide in my bedroom! But I think that is pretty normal.

Do you all ever feel the same or am I just crazy?! 
Please help me either way lol 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Stitch Fix!!

Hey Everybody!!
I scheduled another stitch fix!!! I had some credit I hoped to use up!
Honestly, I was very impressed with the pricing of my items this time, they were all very well priced!! I honestly feel like the more fixes I receive the better they are getting at choosing styles and colors that I will love. Check out the pictures below to see what I got!

This Magenta Colored shirt is my favorite one! So bright and colorful and also comfortable. I thought it did seem a little big and long on me, but when I tucked it in, I just loved it so much!!

I really liked this shirt as well but felt like it was a tad bit too short in the front. But pretty color and very flowy and comfy.

This shirt I did not like! The fabric was very tough and the style was really not me!

I normally do not wear skirts because I am so short that I just look like a blob, this skirt was very comfy and pretty as well but again I am just too short to wear skirts this length.

These jeans I like the style but not so much the fit or the color. I prefer a darker wash.

I wanted to show you all my receipt to encourage you to try Stitch Fix
For busy parents like myself or just busy people in general.This is the only realistic way I can try on super cute clothes without dragging my husband or children to Target! 

The box arrives at your doorstep and you have 3 days to decide if you want to keep the clothes or return the clothes. Normally I feel like its a little pricey but again all of these clothes were priced under $60. If you give Stitch Fix a try and share it and just of your friends tries it then you get a credit towards your next fix. 

Even if you don't buy anything it is still a fun experience. You can cancel at anytime and schedule your fixes whenever you want. You are 100% in control. 

I am super excited to share because my sister just tried Stitch Fix for the first time because now they have widened what they offer. 
They have Stitch Fix options for..

You now have no excuse but to at least TRY IT!!

I ended up buying the Magenta Top and with the credits towards my account I only paid 
.45 cents!!!

I have had a lot of people sign up for Stitch Fix using my referral code but have not actually scheduled a fix. My question to you all is.....

What are you waiting for?!?!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Follow Me On Twitter Ya'll!

Hey Guys!!!

I have been on Twitter since 2012 and still don't really understand it. But I am starting to tweet on the regular so please, please, please follow me @TheMesserMom and tag me in a bunch of really cool awesomeness!! I would love to see what you all are interested in and up to when your not reading my blog of course!! 😉 

Also, you all can help me get the hang of this!!
I made a little video for you all, so please comment and tell me what you think about it!!
Thank you Charlie Puth!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Stitch Fix Time!!!!

Hey Ya'll!! 
I have some exciting news for stitch fix has arrived!! I love getting these and getting to see and try on all the different fits and styles! It is different than just going to the store and searching the racks, there is something so exciting about having items hand picked for you and sent to your doorstep to try on in the privacy of your own home! 

Sometimes I don't buy anything and sometimes I buy most of the items it all depends. If you are on a budget you may not be in a place to purchase some items but if the price is right you can buy multiples! It is all very interesting to me I just love it!! 

Take a look below at my super cute outfits and if you ever want to give Stitch Fix a try I have a referral link please feel free to use and if you have any questions on how it works please reach out. I have been doing it for years!!

Now, this fix I was very hesitant about because we are saving up for a mini vacation so I knew I was on a budget but they waived my styling fee which they normally do for promotions or if you haven't ordered in a while so I thought to myself I will give it a chance, maybe I can get a super cute outfit for my mini vaca!

Fix #1 
I am completely in love with this top!! It is a Breyson Pleated Detail Blouse from 41Hawthorn and let me tell you the fit and cut on this shirt was spot on but for me, the price tag was just too high. 

Fix #2

This shirt from the front was perfect but I do not like how open the back was. This style on some of my girlfriends looks great but for me I just couldn't see myself realistically wearing it. This shirt is Renato Drape Back Detail by Brixon Ivy.

Fix #3
This skirt is Brandi Embroidered by THML and I am in love with this skirt!! I have been looking for a super cute pencil skirt I could double up and wear to work and out. This skirt definitely hit the spot for me! Unfortunately again the price was just too high.

Fix #4
The pants girls, the pants! I am too short for these wide legs and I specifically said short and skinny or straight legs. This was kinda a disappointment for me. I just do not like the way they fit or looked on me. These pants are Conley Wide Trouser Jeans by ONE5ONE.

Fix #5
This is the Evander Dress by 41Hawthorn and I am in love!! Stitch Fix really nailed my style for at least half of my fix but dang it why do the items have to be so expensive.  

I really would have liked to buy the Evander dress, the Brandi  Embroidered skirt and the Breyson Pleated Detail Blouse but I'm afraid I didn't buy anything from this fix! 
The styles were on point but my husband would kill me if I spent that much on 3 items! But I never get discouraged because I have bought some really great and reasonably priced items from Stitch Fix in the past so I will definitely continue to try them! 

Like I said if you want to give Stitch Fix a try please do it, it is a great experience even if you only do it once. If you have any questions please reach out!!! 

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Happy Birthday To My Precious Girl!!!

Today is July 16 
My precious baby girl is 7 today and it seems completely unreal to me!! 
Where has the time gone?! 

On one hand I am happy that she is getting bigger and we can do more "grown up" things like go to the movies without tantrums or disruptions (on a good day) or play salon and paint our toes and fingers. It is very fun watching her grow and learn more and more each day. BUT on the other hand it is so sad to know my baby girl isn't a baby anymore. I miss the smell of her baby hair and the softness of her wrinkled skin. I miss the oos and ahhs of her baby talk. 
Although I miss those sweet precious milestones I know there are many more to come. 

For her birthday we went to Deam Lake, I know that I have talked about this lake before but it is in Indiana and just so peaceful and gorgeous! We had a small cookout with my sister and her kiddos, then spent the next couple hours in the water just feeling the sun on our skin! It was perfect!!

The scenery is just so relaxing with such a clear view of the blue sky and a pretty view of the trees across the water.

This is my favorite picture! Just the perfect picture to describe how perfect the weather was yesterday, just a simple sail boat catching some waves!!

The birthday girl just playing in the water, all day she was on the hunt for special rocks and sea shells. She had quite the collection before we left.

It is amazing to me the simple fun the kiddos had searching for rocks and sea shells, they were occupied for hours and hours just being kids! 

Why can't she just stay this young forever?!?

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Happy June Ya'll

Wow! Where has the time gone? 

Just yesterday I felt like we were packing up to make the big move to Louisville and now we are entering June!! Summer is here ladies and gentleman! At times I feel so guilty for working when Alyssa is on summer break, I just want to hang out with her everyday and go to the park or the pool, have dinner or catch a movie. But like many of you know the life of a working parent is anything but easy. 

Tons of parents work through the summer and sometimes miss out on school events or family get togethers. It is so hard being a working parent. I have made it my summer time goal to spend some good quality time with Alyssa during this summer and really bond with my big girl. 

We recently got a membership to the YMCA here in Louisville so I'm hoping that will be a nice place for Alyssa and I to hang out by the pool or do some family activities or classes together. I have never had a membership at the YMCA before so I still need to research what all we can do there together but I am feeling very hopeful that we can hang out together there many times this summer. 

I need help with this everybody......

What fun summer time activities do you like to do with your kiddos to bond and really spend that quality time together?

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Hello Transition, We Meet Again

This year has been full of transition for my family!

Cole and I got engaged in February 2016, then we got married just 7 months later in September 2016. It was so fun and exciting planning our wedding but then you see how much everything costs and then you get so overwhelmed, like how are we going to do this! Luckily my parents helped out a bit so it wasn't as overwhelming as it could've been but man was it hard.

Now that we are married I really don't feel much different. I don't know how I am suppose to feel after the wedding but we lived together before and were paying bills together before so after the wedding there really wasn't much difference.

Now we have made the giant move to Louisville and man oh man what a difference! I started a new job and he is hoping to start a new job soon, Alyssa will be 7 this July and will be entering the 2nd grade in a whole new school!! 

Transitions are something that people go through everyday, every week and even every year, but I don't think you are really 100% prepared. We had a plan and it seemed like what could go wrong did go wrong but now almost 2 months after the big move things are finally getting back to normal.

It has been such a hectic, adventurous and crazy year, but when I get home every night and look at my crazy and wild family I just feel so blessed each and everyday! 

It can only get better from here right??

Photos Provided By: Michael C. Wells Photography