Thursday, April 16, 2015

Happy 200th Post!!

Wow! Look at me go 200 posts and 19,500 page views!!

I am so thankful for everybodies support with this blog and my Etsy Shop (that is now closed) and also my new project, my YoutTube Channel! I love and enjoy blogging and am determined to do it more and more often! So please stick with me people!! 

Today is an interesting post about these kid movies these days! I know it seems kind of odd to talk about, but I just need to get it off my mind! I was talking to my cousin the other day and we were talking about Big Hero 6 and how we both loved it!! But then we both were talking about how sad it was in some parts and how we both cried during the movie. My daghterAlyssa is going to be 5 in July (What!?!) Alyssa also loves that movie but some parts she didn't understand.

Again, Alyssa and I were watching Jack and the Cuckoo Clock Heart and that movie is interesting. It was released in 2013 but is set in Scotland (I believe) in the 19th Century so it adds a foreign kinda older theme and feel to the movie. Any Who, there is a part where Jack is singing to this girl about her glasses???
These are the lyrics...
Girl....."My vision's not quite right But glasses make me look a sight
Enough to give the world a fright Like a sprite...wearing specs"

1. What is a sprite?? Other than a carbonated soda!

Jack....."Ohh fiery little sprite Conflagration in the night
Don't play games with your sight If it leaves you in the dark"

2. Conflagration???? What?!?

I'm skipping her next verse

Here is Jack's reply...
"Ohh my pretty arsonist Let me clasp you close to me
or rip your clothes with my teeth And tag'em into confetti
To scatter as we kiss.....on you and me"

3. Arsonist!! Rip your clothes with my teeth??? 

I just want to say that as he sings to this girl who is pretty much blind I guess, this is the first time they have ever met!!! Who talks like that to a complete stranger?!?

So, thank you to for clearing some things up for me.....Sprite is defined as a fairy, elf  or goblin. So by wearing glasses I guess she thinks of herself as another creature. Great self esteem there!
Conflagration is defined as a destructive fire. Okay next.
Arson is again related to fire so pretty much calling her an arsonist is saying she started a fire. Probably in his heart HaHa!
But to continue and say rip your clothes with my teeth!!! I was so shocked, I dont think this is a Disney movie but a childrens movie and your talking about this, that is just crazy! Again, Jack you just met this girl how can you talk to her like that!! 

It seems like more and more this "childrens" movies are more for young adults. There were parts in both of these movies that my daughter didnt understand and she is almost 5. At what age can a child actually watch and comprehend some of these movies. It is becoming very frustrating! 

**Spoiler Alert**
If you have not seen either one of these movies do not read any further because the end of the movies are being revealed!

Also, since we are talking about it, in Big Hero 6 at the very end I thought Baymax died while saving the professors daughter but then when Hero was in his room and hurt himself Baymax appears from his toolbox again. How did that happen??

In Jack and the Cuckoo Clock Heart at the very end when he finally gets the girl and they kiss in the cold underneath the tree where his mother passed she is just left there frozen as he drifts off into the sky, what is that?? What happened did he really die? Was it true that his heart could not handle the emotion of love? I am still very confused about that ending, Alyssa turned to me and said what is happening and I honestly replied with I dont know hunny thats very confusing. HaHa! Why are these children movies so complex?!? Make a grown woman feel stupid HaHaHa!!

Get with it people there is no way my child understands these movies!!

Hello, Again

Hey there everybody long time no write! 
I have been going through these spells where I really just don't have anything to talk about and therefore I have not been blogging. But, this time I do have something very nice to share!

I moved out of my aunts house and got my own apartment! I LOVE it!! I moved about a month ago and  have been very busy unpacking and organizing everything. Unfortunately, I was not able to take any time off of work so I had to move after work and on the weekends which made it a little rushed but we pushed through it and got it done! Thankfully, my other aunt let me borrow her mini van so I made numerous trips with that and then a couple more trips with my boyfriends grandpas truck. After two days of moving it was complete! Yippee!! Hooray! Now the fun begins...unpacking and finding everything a home! Ugh! This is the part I hate the most! 

But, after a month I can proudly say that my appartment is finished and is looking pretty darn nice if I say so myself!! I am not sure if you guys follow me on Instagram (AndreaOnInsta) but if you don't you should start! Sometimes when I am not able to blog or upload videos to my YouTube Channel (Lets Taco Bout It) I will still be taking selfies on Instagram. It would be a good way to keep up with me without keeping up with my posts. 

I will also give you an update on my New Years Resolution.....I have been doing GREAT, better than great actually, WONDERFUL!! I feel so amazing just living my life and staying offline and really spending quality time with my friends and family! Now that I look back I can't believe how much time I actually wasted on Facebook!! That is so crazy!! Sometimes I wish that I still had it because I had friends on Facebook that I didn't have in real life and they dont have Instagram or may not follow my blog but when one door shuts another one opens, so Im sure it will be fine! I must say, the longer I go wthout Facebook the better I feel about my resolution! I dont think I will ever have a personal facebook page again! I may have a professional one sometime, but thats even up in the air! I really feel good about this one resolution and know 100% that I'm going to keep it!! Now if I can only workout more and eat less!!! HaHa!

How are you guys doing? Any updates on your New Years Resolutions??