Friday, May 31, 2013

5 Minute Friday Is Back!!!

Im teaming up with TheGypsyMama & my sister Ashley at FosteringLoveAtHome for 5 Minute Fridays!

Here we go.....Imagine

Im standing at the front desk at work and all I keep thinking about is what I need to do to finish my weekly goals that I set for myself on Monday!

I really need to make a new budget and actually stick to it! That is really my problem I make these budgets then I drive past Chick-fil-a or Starbucks and I just want to swing by and buy an Iced Chai or a Chicken Sandwich!

I guess I have a bad case of money spending! I could just try and make my own things to take to work or for an afternoon snack! I just have no motivation to do things like that!

Imagine if I made a new budget and actually stuck to it how much money I would save!!
Imagine if I could cook awesome delicious meals to pack for work how much money that would save me and how much more healthy that would be for me!

Plus I could really never make a sandwich as good as Chick-fil-a    LOL!

I have been doing really good with my laundry goals! I did a whole bunch of laundry on Wednesday but then failed to do laundry yesterday or today. So then I tried to justify well I did so much on Wednesday that it kinda equals out right.....but in all reality thats why I made my goals to get ahead of the game!

Imagine if I was caught up on laundry and only had to do a couple loads a week!! That would save me time probably laundry soap and some money on a water bill!
I just have to kick my butt into gear and just finish my goals, I have to crack down now or else summer will be a disaster!!!

I cant even imagine how my life would be if I actually accomplsihed the goals I set!!

What goals do you set for yourself? What plans do you ahve for the sunmmer?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

**My Stitch Fix**

I was complaining to my sister about how Alyssa has better style than I do, then she told me about a website called "Stitch Fix"    Have you heard of it?

Its a website where you submit information about your style in clothes and fashion and then a stylist puts together 5 items and mails them to your house! You try everything on, then decide if you want to buy any of the clothing. If you decide not to buy anything, then you just put them in a prepaid USPS envelope and ship them back.
Once your all done playing dress up, you go online and fill out a survey about what you did or didnt like, so that way when your next Fix comes they will put together more things that you like!

I love this...because I dont have a lot of time to go shopping and most of the time I go shopping I dont even really know what I am looking for.

This is also great for stay at home moms with multiple children that can't really get out of the house that often.

Its genius and I love it!!

So with that being said.......I got my first shipment are the items I got in my Fix....Enjoy!

Please dont mind my hair I was feeling very lazy this morning lol

I love this look and the sweater was super soft but its way too hott for something like this right now!

I love this dress!! Super cute and perfect for this summer!!

This is a cute casual could look really cute under a blazer. Its just not what Im looking for!

Super cute cardigan very light weight awesome salmon color..I just love this sweater!
But reality speaking...its like in the 70s all week when would I really wear this??

This top was very unique! Extremely light weight..pretty much see through. It would look great with some color underneath. I love the back how its kinda rippled across the top!
But it was just a little tight around my upper arm.....hey what can I say I have a fat upper arm!

So out of all 5 items what did I buy???

I am absolutely in LOVE with this dress!!!

Unfortunately this is the only item that I bought out of my Fix but hopefully the next one will be filled with more summer items!!

If you are interested in trying Stitch Fix please use the referral link below!!

Until next time.....Have a good day!!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

My First Derby--2013

So I found out that we were allowed to dress up for the Derby...How exciting!! So here are my Derby Outfits!!

Day One of Derby
--Thursday May 2--

 Day Two of Derby
--The Oaks--
--Friday May 3--

Day Three of Derby
--Saturday May 4--

--My Mint Julep--
-The Official Drink of the Kentucky Derby-

--My Derby Fascinator--

Please feel free to share pictures of your Derby Attire!! This was such a fun weekend I am definitely looking forward to next year!!
Happy Derby Day!!

A Day In the Life Of....ME!

People ask me why Im so exhausted or why I work so much. So I thought it would be a good idea to give people a little glimpse of my life! Here you go!!

Sunday- Schedule 830AM - 4PM

700AM- Alarm went off- Im tired I dont want to get up I just want to sleep but I cant my clothes are still in the washer plus I need to shower ugh but my bed is soo warm! Andrea Get UP!!! Okay Im up now crap I have to pee!! Walk upstairs go to the bathroom walk back downstairs put my clothes in the dryer now can I rest a bit please crawl back in bed for a while Im so tired!!

Wake up at 740AM Crap I still have to shower!! Great now Alyssa is awake! Mommy has to take a shower can you stay down here and play? Yes! Awesome I will be right back!

I run upstairs searching for a towel and washcloth jump in the shower then afterwards put my dress shirt on with my pj pants crap! I forgot my clothes were in the dryer run downstairs put my work clothes on change Alyssas pull-up we both go upstairs I give her some yogurt run upstairs to do my hair and makeup run back downstairs to realize it is now 820am Crap I have to go to work!

Get to work Im 5min. late but I made it! Thankful no trains came on my way! Stupid things! I start assisting guests handle complaints answer phones make reservations cancel reservations! Printing Registration cards pre key rooms writing Hilton Honors Letter.....Ugh Im hungry! Stomach is growling! Crap Its Sunday the restaurant closes after breakfast great now I have to eat out for lunch!

11AM Run across the street an grab McDonalds not the greatest thing to eat but hey fast and cheap! get to the hotel let my coworker eat first since he is leaving at noon then I eat 5min. after I sit down the phone rings coworker answers it great a second call I answer the phone ugh why did I have to get this phone call.....questions about 7 rooms coming in for a graduation Who has already booked? How many rooms are left in the block? What is that date again? Lets cancel 2 rooms ohh well wait let me call a couple more people then I will call you back! Okay mam thank you!

Now its 10 till noon I need to hurry and scarf down this food!

Its now 1215 coworker has just left Im alone at the front desk!

Phone is ringing off the hook questions about rooms questions about rates complaints about being charged even when they didnt show up calling sales manager asking to refund no she says now the guest is angry call back tomorrow and speak with a manager.

Seems like everybody is checked out now!

2pm its now completely dead! Out of 150 Rooms 124 of them checked out today with 11 Late checkouts at 1pm

Online checking on different things answering phones making reservations assigning rooms for new people that have just booked in writing more Hilton Honor Letters printing registration cards and making keys checking people in calling Housekeeping making sure the rooms are ready! Moving there rooms if necessary!

Spoke with Ashley I still need to finish up at the OLD Apt. I have pots and pans in the sink and have to clean living room before tomorrow! Looks like dinner will be early tonight around 530ish that doesnt leave a lot of time to head over to the Old place before dinner...guess I will have to go back over there after dinner and after I put Alyssa down for bed! Ugh that sounds like a long night! I hate moving!!

Well at least Im off tomorrow......ugh I just remembered tomorrow we have a home inspection I guess I should work on my New place I have my bedroom all setup but the rest of my boxes are taking up my living room!

Well I get off work head over to the New place because I want to change into something more comfortable but I get too comfortable on the sofa until I realize its 5pm now its too late to run over to the Old place because now we are getting ready to leave for dinner....Olive Garden.....Mmmmmm   I love me some Olive Garden okay new plan.......

After dinner go to the Old house and just speed clean!!! 

Ugh after Im full I dont feel like doing anything...Andrea snap out of it!!!! Just hurry up and clean!!!

Okay straight from Olive Garden I drive to the Old place and immediately start cleaning the pots and pans in the sink! Im packing up trash and loading things into my car to take to the new house!

Ashley comes over and helps out with the rest of the stuff! Thank goodness she has a minivan....random thought...maybe I should get a minivan!!

Sunday- 9pm

Old place is done....FINALLY!!!  Now I'm headed over to the New place I begin to unload what has too and start unpacking some things Im trying to get everything setup for the inspection tomorrow!!

Ugh....Im so exhausted Im going to bed!!! I dont even know what time it is!!!!

-------This week was just hectic because I was trying to move and didnt take any time off to do that resulted in me running around like a crazy person day after day for quite a while! Normally my days are not like this but here it is a glimpse into one of my days!!-------