Sunday, September 30, 2012

31 Days To A Fresh Start

I saw this posting on my sister Ashley's facebook about the "31 Days Challenge" she did this last year hosted by The Nester. I thought it looked really fun! So I started talking to Ashley about this.... as we were bouncing names and topics off each other we finally settled on....

31 Days To A Fresh Start!!!

It will be a good challenge for me as I have decided to BUMP my Moving Day to November!!!!

So how fitting is this??

Starting Oct. 1st I will be blogging everyday taking these steps to a fresh start for Alyssa & I then as it concludes on Oct. 31, I will then be ready and willing to start our new journey in Louisville, KY!!!

This is so exciting and sad at the same time but something I really feel strongly for!!

Please join me in my.....31 Days To A Fresh Start!!

Day 1- The Thought
Day 2- The Decision
Day 3- The News
Day 4- The New Beginning
Day 5- The Dedication
Day 6- The Commitment
Day 7- The Willingness
Day 8- The Attitude
Day 9- The Time
Day 10- The Support
Day 11- The Power
Day 12- The Challenge
Day 13- The Change
Day 14- The Plan
Day 15- The Results
Day 16- The Belief
Day 17- The Emotion
Day 18- The Fear
Day 19- The Feeling
Day 20- The Stress
Day 21- The Wants
Day 22- The Needs
Day 23- The Mistakes
Day 24- The Pick Me Ups
Day 25- The Funks
Day 26- The Heartache
Day 27- The Breakdowns
Day 28- The Adjustment
Day 29- The Smile
Day 30- The End
Day 31- The Story

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Kentucky Update

So I will be moving in 35 Days just over a month and still I am unsure about many things!! I am feeling very anxious and nervous!!

I have applied for an apartment for Alyssa & I its small just 1 bedroom but it comes with a Stackable Washer & Dryer and a Microwave......they also pay everything except for Electric.

It is in a nice community with a park/playground right in the middle of it so Alyssa & I will be able to play there very often!!

I have literally had to jump through hoops for this complex the hardest and longest application process I have ever went through!!

I spoke with the consultant Ive been dealing with on Friday and she thinks I will find out Monday Oct. 1st if my application was approved or denied!

This is such a hard waiting process!

I dont know what I should do save money or buy the things needed (As mentioned in a past posting)

So if I get approved I will be very excited and will jump for joy!

If I get denied I will be so upset and sad but I do have a Plan B to fall back on!

At this time I still do not have a job lined up but have put in many applications online & sent out my resume!

The apartment situation is literally out of my hands as of right now and whatever the decision is I am just truly blessed and hope for the best!!

Also starting Oct. 1st I will be attempting my first ever series 31 Days To A Fresh Start

My plate is very full..........Wish Me Luck!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Life...Right Now

This is how I feel.......

I am finding so many cute things that I want to buy for my new apartment....hopefully!! But I just can't afford to spend the money right now!!

Why is it that everything goes on sale when you are broke???

I feel like this always happens to me!!

So I have sent an application to an apartment complex in Louisville, KY and am just waiting to hear back from them weather Im approved or not!

Waiting is the most frustrating part!!

If I get approved I want to buy a couple big purchases so I will have everything I need but if I get denied I dont have room to store the things I buy so here I am.......waiting......waiting....waiting

Ugh Its killing me!!!

So right now in "real time" I am just going day by day without a real plan for whats going on.

Anxiety is definitely kicking in!!!

I am moving to Louisville in 39 Days!!!

Customer Service

My life while working in Customer Service!!!

This is how feel almost everyday!!

I dont think people or customers intend on being so rude and disrespectful to staff members I think it just happens!

In all reality I work the front desk of a hotel so Im going to tell you the same thing my boss is going to tell you the only difference and I mean THE ONLY DIFFERENCE is that under there name it says MANAGER!!!!

Stop treating us like we are stupid....we are in this industry because we are educated and knowledgable about what we are doing! 

I honestly believe that Customer Service is the hardest industry!!!
People can be so brutal!!

I had this guest yelling at me and I simply said Ma'am stop yelling at me and she said,
"Ohh Andrea I'm not yelling AT you...stop taking things so personal!"

Really so the fact that your standing in front of me yelling means nothing!?! You are yelling because your mad at something that is completely out of my hands and control and your taking it out on me but yet you don't want me to take it personal!! Ohh ok thank you!!

I mean seriously take a deep breath and talk to me like a normal personal and I would be more than happy to work on a solution with you but you standing here yelling at me makes me angry and less likely to go out of my way to help you!

Sorry but thats the truth right there!!

This industry is very challenging and every week I say to myself Ugh Im in the wrong industry!! ; )

But week after week I continue to come to work because secretly deep deep deep down inside somewhere I love it!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Photo Tuesday!

I am trying to start a little series called "Photo Tuesday" I will allow myself to have 1 blog post every Tuesday just of pictures kinda like Wordless Wednesday but with words!

I just love taking pictures and would love the oppurtunity to share them with you all!! Enjoy!!

One of my friends was so awesome and willing to take some pictures of Alyssa & I at a local park here in Grove City!!
I am so happy at how they turned out!!

Here you go.....take a peek at just a couple of my favorites and let me know what you think!!
Thanks Again T!!

Excitement or Anxiety?

Hey All!!

Ohh my goodness I cant believe I am really moving to Kentucky!!  I am soo excited!

I am really excited I have started going through all my miscellaneous junk thats piled up in my room trying to de clutter everything and start packing things!

But then I was like ohh my goodness I have like 1 entire month to pack I need to look for a job!!

So I updated my resume and started looking around online to see what places were hiring and then where they were and how far of a drive it would be from where I will be living!!

I am getting really excited, nervous, anxious, happy, sad ohh man I have tons of mixed emotions!! I know that this will be a  great  thing for Alyssa & I but still I am super sad to say goodbye to all my friends & family!!

But hey.....I will only be 3 hours away!! Thats a day trip!!

So I have put in...

1 Application at World Market which is kinda like Pier 1
      Not really what I was shooting for but a good oppurtunity!! 
1 Resume Sent to Hilton Seelbach Hotel
      I really want this job!! I have worked in hotels since 2008 Its what I am good at

I would take either one of these jobs if hired I will just be thankful to have a job before I go there!!

I have known "hotels" for years so it may be nice to get out of that atmosphere for a while and into something new!!! Really Im starting fresh in a new state might as well start fresh in a career as well right?!

Well wish me like in finding a job! Prayers needed!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Derek Bok Quote

On my way home from work last week I was listening to the radio station 104.9 The River and I heard this quote:
“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance”

Instantly I started laughing!! But I have been dwelling on it for the past couple days and even talked about it with my sister Ashley!!

How true is this quote?!?

A little bit of my background explains it all.........

So I was dating this guy and we were living together! I graduated from Massage Therapy School so I owned my own Massage Table well after we broke up he took it to the pawn shop and PAWNED it.....A MASSAGE TABLE!!!! Who does that!!!

I bought myself a nice digital camera it was pink (my favorite color) and part of the money went to a breast cancer foundation I maybe paid $100 bucks for it! It had pictures of my baby shower on it well after we broke up yepp thats right he pawned that sucker too!!!

Along with my GPS my dad bought me for Christmas!!!!!

Okay I get the whole anger towards me for leaving but really? You didnt even get half of what I paid for it!!

A MASSAGE TABLE!!! I didnt even know pawn shops took those!!!

Anyways, the point is because of his ignorance I am paying for it!!

So yes in my mind I think it is more expensive to be ignorant!! Not only for him to ignorant but me as well!!

I will not put all the blame on him I will blame myself as well!!

I should not have been so stupid!! Yepp I said it!! I loved him so much that I forgave him and we dated on and off for a couple more months but I lived with my mom of course theres no way Im putting my hard earned stuff back in his possesion thats for sure!!

But now I look back and I am just so dumb founded as to how blind I was!!

Ladies we got to get ourselves together!!

Dont let that 6 pack and blonde wispy hair fool us!! Guys are jerks plan and simple!!
No offense fellas!! There are some good ones out there.....somewhere!! :)

But really I challenge you to sit down and ponder on this quote and evaluate your life and decisions and please please please dont make my mistakes!!

Be smart in everysingle aspect of your will be either be proud of your past or you will regret your past!!!

It will be cheaper in the long run!!!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Living A Life Thats Not Mine

Sometimes I wake up and wonder what am I doing!! As all you know Alyssa's father Adam is not in the picture! He would say it was my choice and doing but I would say it was his!

Either way he is not here leaving me to be a single mother to our wonderful angel Alyssa!

With him not being here it puts me in a situation that I never wanted for myself or Alyssa

Therefore I am forced to live a life that I didnt want!

Im stuck living a life thats not mine

Although this is both negative and positive sometimes its hard to think about the positive!!

When Alyssas not listening and shes running around the house like a crazy child and honestly I just want to run away I am more angry towards Adam...

Why arent you here taking care of your child? How come you get let off free of responsibility? Why am I here doing all of this alone??

I could easily take him back and he would be here but then again that is a whole other life that I dont want to live!

When Alyssa looks up at me and says Wove You Mommy!! It brings tears to my eyes to know that this child is actually mine!! She grew from inside my belly for 9 months! I was in labor for 10hrs! I gave birth to this beautiful child! She is mine!!
What a marvelous mystery!!

I am somewhat thankful that I am a single mother! There are no shared responsibilities no arguing over punishment or discipline! I am raising my child how I want to! I am growing an unbreakable bond with my child!! I am her only parent!!

When Alyssa gets older I would only hope that she would look back at these hard times and thank me for being the best mother I know how to be and not allowing myself to take the easy way out!!

I am strong for her and because of her!! I am a MOM!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Decisions, Decisions!!

If you have been reading my blog posts you have pretty much read about all of my craziness with being a single mother, being a young mother, living with my mother, my mommy freak outs, my issues with my mom overstepping or intervening, and pretty much everything in between!!!

I have been thinking a lot about where I see my future and what is the future for me & Alyssa!!

It has been a very rough thing for me trying to figure out the best way for me to raise and support my child!!

With all of that being said........I have made a BIG DECISION!!

Alyssa & I are moving to..........KENTUCKY!!!

We are so excited to start this new journey in our life....being closer to my sister Ashley & brother-in law Michael is going to be an amazing feeling and having there love & support will be great!!

Like Ive mentioned in past posts I just feel trapped and out of control here in my living situation and at work! It somewhat consumes my life!!

I dont want to live that way I dont want that for my life!! Especially not for Alyssas!!

So in January I will be moving to Kentucky!!

I have been debating this for months now and it just seems like the perfect timing!!

For all of you that read my post about my new job at the Casino let me just say that they offered me one position but hired me in as another and it was not worth leaving my current job for! I almost felt as if they were trying to screw me over!! Sorry for the bluntness!!

So I just politely declined that job and decided that now is the time!! I am in desperate need of a change!!

Not saying that moving 3 hours away from my family and friends will jumpstart this perfect and amazing life because I know it wont but it will open up a new world for oppurtunity so I can better support my family!!

I hope all of you are as excited and happy for us as I am!!

Please feel free to leave me some advice...thoughts...and prayers!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Grandma's TOO Much

Im sure everybody experiences this type of thing with their children "Grandparents spoiling them"

I feel like its almost in their blood I have to spoil my grandchild!

I dont mind a little bit here and there but unfortunately when your living with your mother it becomes an everyday accurance!!

How do you seperate the line....the boundaries??

Your my mother but Im Alyssas mother!!

Its a very hard thing to do I say No! but Grandma says Yes!

Unfortunately that leaves me and my mother in sticky situations I feel like we fight like a normal married couple would!

Its very hard to seperate our lives when we are crammed in a 2 bedroom apartment!! Alyssa & I share 1 bedroom which is fine but that doesn't leave alot of room for us to grow!

Alyssa is 2 years old thats 2 years of clothes on top of 2 years of toys!! Thats a lot!

Its rough! I almost feel like my mother has somewhat taken control of the situation! Sometimes I honestly feel that if I moved away she would not even be hurt as long as Alyssa was with her!

That is a very hard feeling to cope with!

Here lately Alyssa has been running to my mom for everything like Im not even there!!

When my mom leaves Alyssa starts crying and runs to the door after her!

Ohh Im Sorry I was just in labor for 10hrs but its ok run to grandma!!

Alyssa is caught doing something that she should not be doing I punish her by spanking her bottom and she runs to grandma crying!

It is so frustrating.....there has to be some sort of boundary here! I am the parent!!

I am just sorta lost in all of this!!

I am so grateful for everything that my mother has taught me and helped me with!
I just wish in some cases she would let me do as I feel fit and not try to overstep me as a parent!

What can I do to kinda defuse the situation?? How do I tell her politely to "back off"? Is there even a way to politely resolve this issue?

Monday, September 3, 2012

Terrible 2s if the eating issues were not enough my child is out of control!!!

She has known the word No for a very long time but now all of a sudden has decided to use it for everything!!

Alyssa are you hungry??     NO!
Alyssa do you want to go outside??     NO!
Alyssa come here......NO!
Alyssa do you want a bite of my yogurt?     NO!

Ugh......who invented that word anyway!!!

Like raising children is not hard enough!

The funny thing is Alyssa will say NO but then she will act as if she has said YES

Alyssa are you hungry????   NO!

But I reach my hand out with food in it and she grabs it and eats it! She says YES to somethings so why not just say YES!?!

She is such a stubborn little 2 year old!!

She has also started the tantrums!!!         YaY Me!!!       : (

She will take a toy away from my cousin Bobby and I will say Alyssa No No you need to share and I will take the toy from her and give it back to Bobby and she throws herself on the floor and cries!!

One question.......

What is the point of this???? 

Really Alyssa because you dont have 100+ other toys to play with???

This one special wooden car means that much to you???

I honestly feel like these Tantrums along with her CrAzY Eating Habits are going to be the death of me!!!

Please tell me this is somewhat normal???


Picky Toddler Part 2

So I have been very happy lately because my Picky Toddler has been eating!!




These are only a few things but BIG for her!! She never eats anything green!!

The turkey I was suprised and the cheeseburger even more suprised!! Im thinking.....she eats the same thing over and over then she gets sick of it and so she stops eating it so I buy her something else then she EATS IT!!!

Im super excited because she now has a good variety of food lol

There is just one problem now.....

Last Sunday Alyssa ate 2 small pieces of Broccoli and she actually liked it I was so suprised because like I said she never eats anything let alone greens!! Well on her 3rd bite she just chewed it up but held it in her mouth!!

I kept telling her "just swallow it Alyssa" but she held it in her mouth for 30min.

Im not even kidding we finished up our meals...drove home and then when we finally got home I had to force her to spit it out!!

What is with that!!

She has also done that 2-3 other times with apples....carrots....and chicken!!!

I get so mad when she does this because its soo annoying why would you take a bite of something only to hold it in your mouth!?! She wont spit it out we have to force her to either swallow it by giving her other things to eat or giving her a drink or just wait and force her to spit it out into a napkin!!

If she is full she shouldn't take a bite!! She has only started doing this here recently and its been going on for about 1 week and already Im sick of it!!

Last night she was falling asleep with a piece of apple in her mouth!! Now thats just dangerous!!

I wish I could read her mind sometimes I just dont get it Why Hold It In Your Mouth?????

Swallow it or spit it out its as simple as that!!!

Anybody else have/had this problem with their Picky Toddlers???