Friday, September 14, 2012

Derek Bok Quote

On my way home from work last week I was listening to the radio station 104.9 The River and I heard this quote:
“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance”

Instantly I started laughing!! But I have been dwelling on it for the past couple days and even talked about it with my sister Ashley!!

How true is this quote?!?

A little bit of my background explains it all.........

So I was dating this guy and we were living together! I graduated from Massage Therapy School so I owned my own Massage Table well after we broke up he took it to the pawn shop and PAWNED it.....A MASSAGE TABLE!!!! Who does that!!!

I bought myself a nice digital camera it was pink (my favorite color) and part of the money went to a breast cancer foundation I maybe paid $100 bucks for it! It had pictures of my baby shower on it well after we broke up yepp thats right he pawned that sucker too!!!

Along with my GPS my dad bought me for Christmas!!!!!

Okay I get the whole anger towards me for leaving but really? You didnt even get half of what I paid for it!!

A MASSAGE TABLE!!! I didnt even know pawn shops took those!!!

Anyways, the point is because of his ignorance I am paying for it!!

So yes in my mind I think it is more expensive to be ignorant!! Not only for him to ignorant but me as well!!

I will not put all the blame on him I will blame myself as well!!

I should not have been so stupid!! Yepp I said it!! I loved him so much that I forgave him and we dated on and off for a couple more months but I lived with my mom of course theres no way Im putting my hard earned stuff back in his possesion thats for sure!!

But now I look back and I am just so dumb founded as to how blind I was!!

Ladies we got to get ourselves together!!

Dont let that 6 pack and blonde wispy hair fool us!! Guys are jerks plan and simple!!
No offense fellas!! There are some good ones out there.....somewhere!! :)

But really I challenge you to sit down and ponder on this quote and evaluate your life and decisions and please please please dont make my mistakes!!

Be smart in everysingle aspect of your will be either be proud of your past or you will regret your past!!!

It will be cheaper in the long run!!!!

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