Wednesday, April 25, 2012

*Toddler Costumes* for Wordless Wednesday

These are soo adorable I just had to do it!!!!

Source: via Andrea on Pinterest

Im An AUNT!!!

So.....IM AN AUNT!!!!

My sister Ashley Wells has been preparing for this day for a long time!!

No.......she is not pregnant!! Something bigger than that!!

She is.........fostering!!!

This is such a great thing and for some people the hardest job. Fostering children not being certain that you will be able to keep them and some day adopt them. That is probably the worst feeling!

I for one could never imagine that!

I commend my sister and brother for doing such a selfless act and opening up not only their home but their heart for these children that are in desperate need of not only a good but loving home!!

So....with that being said....

Congrats to Ashley & Michael Wells

on finally getting the chance to shine your hearts on children!!!

I love you guys!!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

*Cute Hair Styles* for Pinterest Monday

Hey Guys! Another Pinterest Monday!!

I really love doing these just because it is a great way to find other blogs that might catch your interest!!

Plus its super fun!!

Here are a couple different hair style ideas that I think are just soo awesome looking!!

What do you guys think??

Would you wear any of these styles?? Let me know!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Weekend Fun

So as you guys know I have been babysitting my friend G's children while her and her boyfriend are out of town!

So here in OHIO it rained ALL DAY on Saturday!

I babysat all day Saturday and we literally spent 90% of our day just laying around the house either watching T.V., playing video games, or running around the house being crazy!

So I finally was like OK kids what are we going to do today!

Honestly it is quite exhausting laying around the house all day!

So we decided to go to Galaxy Games & Golf! It was a lot of fun seeing them run around and burn off some energy!

Alyssa loved it! They had a little preschool section and then they had a big kid section! Also its pretty cheap I think!

Here is a picture of Alyssa trying to climb up to the big kid section!!

It was so crowded that I was so worried about the big kids getting frusterated that Alyssa was so slow but really everybody seemed very nice it was also good that my friends children were so good at keeping her with them at ALL times!!

My friends kids are pretty AWESOME!!

After we got home we had a little ice cream for a bedtime snack!

That was soo good!!

After that it was showers and then bedtime!!

It was pretty amazing that I told the kids it was showertime then I went upstairs and layed down with Alyssa to get her to sleep and they just got in the shower by themselves!

I think the first thing Im going to be happy about as Alyssa gets older is her becoming independant and taking care of herself!!

Although it will be extremely sad at the same time knowing she won't need my help all the time!!!

That was just such a great day!! At the end of the day I was so happy!!

The first night of babysitting couldn't have gone any smoother!!

Well....I still need some ideas for the rest of this week I will resume babysitting Wednesday!!

Any suggestions on activties or dinner ideas???

Saturday, April 14, 2012


I am super jealous of my friend G!!! G and her boyfriend S are going on a cruise!

While they are sitting back an relaxing I will be watching her children an keeping up with the house!
Her children are 6 and 10

I will be babysitting for a week.....any suggestions will help!!

What do I do with a 2 year old??

Preferably cheap and fun!!!

Advice please!?!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ahhh The Joys Of Parenting

Do you know the saying "This is why we cant have nice things"?

I have heard it a couple times in movies but nobody really uses it in there daily life!

Well until now.......

I definitely use this in my life...I would not say daily or anything like that but occasionally I will say it

For example:

For Easter I went to Kmart and bought a couple pairs of shoes. I bought some cute summer heels to wear with my Easter dress then a pair of all white flats to wear to work or casually when I go out and about.

Well Alyssa was playing with my flats she would put them on and walk around the house just messing with them which is totally fine dont get me wrong I let her play with pretty much everything!

But I literally just bought these shoes Saturday and this was Monday afternoon!

So all of a sudden she comes up to me with my shoes in her hands and says MOM! MOM! MOM!

I reply with What Lyssa? I look down and she gives me my shoes and I notice something running down the side of them. I grab the shoes and then instantly I see IT.....

UGH!! WHY!!!!!

Alyssa straight up threw up in my BRAND NEW SHOES!!!!! Are you serious?!?!

Ohh my gosh Im so sad about this! I instantly grab a baby wipe and try to clean my shoes....literally I only wore them one time!

Why these shoes? Why not my old worn out black flats? Ugh How sad is this right now?!?

But going back to what I said earlier....."This is why we cant have nice things"

Parents, things are going to happen, our children are going to rip paper, pictures, books, magazines, game pieces will come up missing, milk will be spilled on the floor and food will be smashed into our carpet!

I guess with children things are going to happen its inevitable....but we just deal with it as parents!

Really I probably overreacted alittle about the shoes. I mean dont get me wrong Im still a little heart broken lol but all of these things are definitely worth seeing Alyssas smiling face everyday...FOR SURE!!!

I guess after everything is said and done we can have nice things but of course thats.....

after we clean them!!

Do you cry over spilled milk??

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Easter was so awesome!!! Apart from my religious beliefs I love the colorful and happy feeling of Easter!

I bought Alyssa this really cute Easter dress its white with multi colored polka dots all over it with a pink ribbon across the top. It was a little big but I tied it tight in the back so you couldn't really tell!

I wore a cute dress as well the bottom half was jean material and the top was yellow and blue floral then I had a brown stretchy belt across the top! Super cute!

Alyssa got to color eggs for the first time and she LOVED it! So did I!

I dont really remember coloring eggs as a child. We probably did but I'm not sure! The only thing I really remember is every year for Easter my parents would take my sister and I to the store and buy us an Easter dresses! It was so exciting!! An of course doing an Easter egg hunt!

Even though Alyssa was so little last year we still did the Easter dress and the Easter egg hunt it just feels like tradition to me!

What does your family do to celebrate easter?

*D.I.Y. PrOjEcTs* for Pinterest Monday

Hey Guys!

Here are some awesome ideas for your home or office perfect D.I.Y. projects for the Spring time!! Check it out!!

By the way sorry Im late lol :)
Source: via Andrea on Pinterest

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ugh...Just one of those days!

So....I would normally say that Alyssa (my daughter) is pretty well behaved but it seems like when she gets around other children she acts crazy! I say that she is rotten because of her sassy attitude and personality but overall shes a pretty good kid!

When I complain about her throwing a fit inside Walmart or not listening my friends & family put me back in my place...Alyssa is only 21mths.... for her age everybody says shes great but at times I dont believe it!!

For instance....I have been trying to patch up some friendships that I have so I met up with my friend Shawna at Panera Bread.
Alyssa would NOT eat! I know that she was hungry because she just woke up from her nap and we ALWAYS eat lunch when she wakes up but for some reason she just would not eat!

Instead...she wanted to drink all of her milk at one time and get full on that then not eat her real food!

I will give her the benefit of the doubt this one time because she hasnt seen Shawna's daughter Hope in a very long time so she was distracted but that doesn't mean she doesnt have to listen!

Alyssa started taking her shoes off...biting the couch we were sitting just being very loud! I mean it was kinda embarrasing!

This woman behind us was working on her laptop! Well let me rephrase that she was TRYING to work on her laptop!

At one point.....Alyssa was drinking her milk and I said it was enough so I tried to take her milk away and place it back on the table and thats when it happened......

Alyssa jerked her arms in hopes that I wouldn't take her milk but by doing that she squeezed the milk container next thing you know there was a fountain of MILK in the AIR!! embarrssing I was so upset I grabbed the milk from Alyssa and smacked her thigh like 3 or 4 times she started crying REAL TEARS!!! She was screaming and crying it was soo awful!

It got so bad that a guy that was sitting close to us TRYING to read his book got up and left!

Total embarrassment!!!!

I just waited for Shawna to get back from the bathroom and just said Ready to go? I got up and left so embarassed and ashamed I felt so small! I can honestly say I am not going back to that Panera Bread. Maybe Panera just isn't a place for kids!!

Please tell me this has happened to some of you mothers....did you keep your cool or lose it like I did???

Monday, April 2, 2012

*PaRtY IdEaS* for Pinterest Monday

I want to make new Blog friends so what better way than to join a Link Up.....

Im going to join up with Mama to 4 blessings & Musings from a stay at home mom for Pinterest Monday

I am pretty much obsessed with Pinterest  I find it very relaxing and interesting to see different ways of doing things and all of the fun creative activtites and DIY crafts!!

Every Monday I will highlight some of my favorite Pins for Pinterest Monday!!

So in a couple of months my daughter will be turning the BIG 2

I am soo thrilled and excited challange for MYSELF is to make everything!! With that being said I have been searching DIY party ideas here are a couple of my favs!!

Source: via Andrea on Pinterest

Source: via Andrea on Pinterest

Make sure to check out Mama to 4 Blessings for more Pinterest Ideas

Single Mom at 23

I just have to write about this.......

I gave birth to my daughter 2 weeks after I turned 22 and ever since then its been this amazing struggle that I enjoy soo much!!

But I will have to say the hardest part of all of this is being single!! My heart sinks everytime I am walking down the lanes at a store and people just stare.

Its so rude its like they are judging me just because Im pushing a cart with a baby inside. What if I was married? What if I was babysitting?

You dont know me!!

I feel like screaming everytime that happens!!

The second hardest is when your with your guy friends and clearing your friend is "Gay" but yet they still want to stop and talk to your child and make comments about how beautiful our "family" is!! Really??

I just wish that I could walk through a store and NOT have people eyebalilng me and my daughter!!

Its for that very reason that I am a single mom at 23.....

Guys dont look at me they look at Alyssa! That is heartbreaking for me! Why cant I be accepted as a single mother without guys instantly thinking I have baby daddy drama or live off of food stamps and welfare!!

Cant people look at me and see a strong, independant woman and then look down at Alyssa and just fall in love with her big blue eyes!!

Why must everybody judge from the first look?

Its not only frusterating but unfortunately our reality as single mothers!!

Does this happen to you guys too OR am I really going crazy!?!?!