Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Why I Love You!!

I never saw myself as a mother. In fact I didnt even want children! But now that I have you Little Miss I just cant even imagine my life without you!

I cant even explain it really....you are the most frustrating yet loving miracle I have ever experienced!

I can be in the worst mood possible and when you look at me with those Big Blue Eyes and smile at me with your "Grinch" smile I just cant help but laugh! You are just Too Darn Cute!!

I am honestly in love with you Little Miss!!

Even when you make me upset I still care...I still Love You!

So Im pretty sure that everybody that reads this blog knows that Ashley Wells is my sister...if not then you do now ;)

Anywhos....My sister is doing the hardest possible job in my mind...fostering!!

I could not even imagine fostering children I would like to someday when I know that I have the strength but right now I couldn't imagine it! My sister and I always talk about the "unknown" not knowing how something is going to turn out! We agree that the unknown is the hardest part in all of this.

Loving your children and caring for them 100% and still not knowing weather they are going to be yours forever or just yours for right now!

I feel like I have the best gift of all because I have you!! I know that you are mine forever!

But I too have certain situations in my life where the unknown causes me some discomfort but then I look at our life and see how truly blessed I am to have you in my life and to have such amazing friends & family!!

Together We will figure it out! We will get throught this! We will be there for each other!

This is why I love you!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Lazy Day!

I had the pleasure of having the day off yesterday and it was freezing outside!! So Alyssa & I camped out inside all day!! It was awesome!

I didnt shower and to be quite honest I stayed in my Pjs all day long!

An NO I dont feel guilty about it!! :)

I did so much laundry that I actually ran out of Laundry Detergent and I did the majority of my dishes!

I did some work from home and most of all I spent precious time with my little miss!

We watch Gnomeo & Juliet which seems to be her absolute favorite these days! We also watched Strawberry Shortcake & some show called  Hermie & Friends!!

Also which is a BIG accomplishment for Alyssa she wore panties ALL day!! She did not have not one single accident! Even better.....

She went to her "potty" and used it when she needed too!! I didnt have to watch over her and make sure we tried to go on schedule she just walked over there..pulled down her panties and used the potty like a BIG GIRL!!

Ohh man I just love lazy days with my little miss!

I feel like for such a freezing cold day staying home was so much more productive for us!

I just cant wait until our next lazy day!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Trying To Find Where I Fit In

I have been going to the same church as my sister and brother in law since Ive moved here about 2 months ago!

It has been fine its a smaller church than where I came from but it works. I love the people there they are very sweet and kind hearted! Its just that its very small and I feel like I dont fit in there.

I think Im just looking for something more than they can give Alyssa & I.

I came from a bigger church that was involved in the community and provided different services and activities.

To go from that to a small church is just a hard adjustment.

I would like to find a nice medium sized church that has activities for children and small groups that I can be apart of I would like to have the chance to someday go on a Mission Trip.

I just want a nice church that Alyssa & I can grow in to and really be apart of.

Choosing a church has been the hardest thing Ive done since I decided to move 200 miles away from everything I know.

I only know my sister and brother in law so to venture away from that is scary!

To walk into an unknown church with no knowledge of what to do or where to go is extremely scary!

There are so many different types of churches its very hard to try and pick and choose.

Its like when you are driving down a road and all the houses look the same you cant tell them apart. Thats how I feel you cant really tell the difference until you actually go inside.

So from this weekend on Alyssa & I will be going inside these identical churches and trying to find one where we will fit in!

Please send prayers our way as we are looking for our new  church family!

Friday, January 18, 2013

5 Minute Friday: Cherished

Our word for today is: Cherished

I have never really thought of mothering as being a good thing! I have always thought that children are extremely needy and taking care of the runny noses and fevers and coughs wake ups int he middle of the night just sounds so un appealing to me but yet I am a mom and I have been doing those things ALL of those things for about 2 years now!

I at times get very overwhelmed with feelings of love and feelings of being extremely blessed!

I cherish these moments!

I cherish each and every moment I get to spend with my little miss Alyssa! She wakes me up in the morning by grabbing my face and saying in her sweet mini voice,
"Good Morning Mommy! Its time to get up..Get Up!!"

I have now realized after all the years of not wanting a child after all the years of not getting this feeling I now have this feeling!

I am blessed and I cherish my life as is!!!

I am linking up with Lisa Jo for 5 Minute Fridays!! 

Thanks to my sister Ashley Wells for telling me about this awesome relief of not getting it right each and every time Go 5 Minute Fridays!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

*Wordless Wednesday*

Life of a toddler.....

 Read.......by read I mean stare at pictures



Friday, January 11, 2013

5 Minute Fridays!

Five Minute FridayThis will be my 1st 5 Minute Friday so here it goes....

Today I woke up and was not even trying to get out of bed! I stayed up until midnight working on my laptop...a top secret project I have started!!

My daughter has really been super grumpy all day and as if I wasnt in a bit of an odd mood myself she kinda made worse!

Ugh...I feel bad just saying that!

Its hard being all happy go lucky when your toddler is a crazy child!

I try very hard to still give her grace!

I thought I was doing good but the one thing that really sent me over the edge was when my daughter pooped on my FLOOR!!!

Who does that??? She wasnt wearing a diaper or anything because Im still trying to potty train so in the living room where she has a *potty* she decides to squat down and poop on my floor! Oh man that really just made my day!!! NOT!!

I stripped her shirt off and sent her to the bath and surprisingly I got more done while she was in the bath than I did the entire rest of the day!!

I kept going in there to get her out and she kept saying "No Mommy Lyssa playing in the bath!" So I said okay thats fine with me!!

After her bath we ate lunch and I layed her down for her nap that she did not take making my day not just crazy but crazy with a crazy grumpy toddler!

-Sometimes no matter what your day is like or what your going through you have to just take it head on! Dive right into Life and make your day!!

I feel bad but I am actually okay with being at work right now! *sigh*

Thank you to Lisa Jo & Ashley Wells for inrtoducing me to 5 Minute Fridays!!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Keeping Up With The Housework!!

Lately I have slowing been trashing my apartment not intentionally it just kinda happens!

I will put a glass and a plate in the sink and then the next day put a couple more.....then the next day and then the next day until finally I realize....


Where did all my dishes go???

Then it happens.......I look down at my kitchen sink piled high with dirty dishes!

Ugh I hate washing dishes!!

I do not have a dishwasher so it is a process for me!! Im doing that wash...rinse...place in drying rack...then when the drying rack is full I have to wait before I can even do the next set of dishes! 

With that process who would want to come home and do dishes after a long night at work!

Anywhos.......I did finally catch up on my dishes between naptime....playtime....bedtime and work time finally I did it!!

Now that my kitchen is nice and shiny ugh......I look at my living room and Alyssas play area!

How does this happen!!!

Well probably the same way my kitchen turned into a disaster! Day by day I lay things around and it all adds up slowly but surely!

Well I spent my day off getting my apartment in order I am sick of coming home to a messy unorganized apartment!

It took some time but I am happy its done!

Look how cute Alyssas Play Area is.......

I love coming home to a nice and neat apartment! Too bad it never stays that way!!

How do you teach your children to pick up after thereselves??

I have Alyssa do it but sometimes she puts things where they belong and sometimes she throws everything in her toy box.

Its hard when they are little but now is the time to teach them right??

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year 2013

Hey Ya'll

So here we are in year 2013 what a wonderful thing!!

I am extremely excited to start fresh and really make this year count!!

I am not one for New Year Resolutions or anything I am just trying to succeed in my current job that way hopefully once my lease is up I will be able to move into a nicer place for Alyssa & I.

Not really a goal I can do just for this year but just something I need to do to better mine & Alyssa's life!

I have however been looking into getting a membership to the Louisville Zoo for special outings with Alyssa and also a Gym Membership perferably something with a pool ;)

But nothing really goal setting about any of those!

Every year people say my New Year Resolution is to loose weight, eat better, have a better lifestyle, stick to my budget, stick to my diet.....blah blah blah!

If you have the same resolution year after year somethings gotta give!

I love the skin that Im in of course Im sure I could loose some weight but right now I am trying to take care of myself and my daughter how much I weigh is the least of my worries!!

Not saying that it isnt important to be healthy its just not my main priority!

If you have given yourself New Year Resolutions then Kudos to you!! Get with it and Stick with it!! Tell me about them......

What are some of your New Year Resolutions??

Did they change from last year?

How do you plan on reaching these resolutions or goals??