Friday, January 11, 2013

5 Minute Fridays!

Five Minute FridayThis will be my 1st 5 Minute Friday so here it goes....

Today I woke up and was not even trying to get out of bed! I stayed up until midnight working on my laptop...a top secret project I have started!!

My daughter has really been super grumpy all day and as if I wasnt in a bit of an odd mood myself she kinda made worse!

Ugh...I feel bad just saying that!

Its hard being all happy go lucky when your toddler is a crazy child!

I try very hard to still give her grace!

I thought I was doing good but the one thing that really sent me over the edge was when my daughter pooped on my FLOOR!!!

Who does that??? She wasnt wearing a diaper or anything because Im still trying to potty train so in the living room where she has a *potty* she decides to squat down and poop on my floor! Oh man that really just made my day!!! NOT!!

I stripped her shirt off and sent her to the bath and surprisingly I got more done while she was in the bath than I did the entire rest of the day!!

I kept going in there to get her out and she kept saying "No Mommy Lyssa playing in the bath!" So I said okay thats fine with me!!

After her bath we ate lunch and I layed her down for her nap that she did not take making my day not just crazy but crazy with a crazy grumpy toddler!

-Sometimes no matter what your day is like or what your going through you have to just take it head on! Dive right into Life and make your day!!

I feel bad but I am actually okay with being at work right now! *sigh*

Thank you to Lisa Jo & Ashley Wells for inrtoducing me to 5 Minute Fridays!!


  1. I'm so sorry you've had a frustrating day; those can be so discouraging. You are not a bad mom for expressing frustration. She will outgrow being a toddler - eventually :-D. Welcome to 5MinFriday!

  2. lol good to know that eventually.....she will outgrow this stage lol at times she is so much fun and others its just frustrating lol thank you! yay 5min. friday lol