Saturday, January 5, 2013

Keeping Up With The Housework!!

Lately I have slowing been trashing my apartment not intentionally it just kinda happens!

I will put a glass and a plate in the sink and then the next day put a couple more.....then the next day and then the next day until finally I realize....


Where did all my dishes go???

Then it happens.......I look down at my kitchen sink piled high with dirty dishes!

Ugh I hate washing dishes!!

I do not have a dishwasher so it is a process for me!! Im doing that in drying rack...then when the drying rack is full I have to wait before I can even do the next set of dishes! 

With that process who would want to come home and do dishes after a long night at work!

Anywhos.......I did finally catch up on my dishes between naptime....playtime....bedtime and work time finally I did it!!

Now that my kitchen is nice and shiny ugh......I look at my living room and Alyssas play area!

How does this happen!!!

Well probably the same way my kitchen turned into a disaster! Day by day I lay things around and it all adds up slowly but surely!

Well I spent my day off getting my apartment in order I am sick of coming home to a messy unorganized apartment!

It took some time but I am happy its done!

Look how cute Alyssas Play Area is.......

I love coming home to a nice and neat apartment! Too bad it never stays that way!!

How do you teach your children to pick up after thereselves??

I have Alyssa do it but sometimes she puts things where they belong and sometimes she throws everything in her toy box.

Its hard when they are little but now is the time to teach them right??

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