Friday, August 23, 2013

Alyssa's New Eating Chart Week #3

I  feel like I want to give up on this chart thing already!!

I am getting aggravated when Alyssa does not eat. 

In the beginning I thought this would be a good thing but now I just don't know.....

So lets get to it....Week #2 seemed like a little improvement was made. 

Alyssa seemed to eat her lunch more consistently while dinner was still a struggle. goes Week #3

I would say that her eating kind of went down hill this week!

Although she ate a bit better at dinner her lunch was a struggle!

I try not to be too pushy at lunch since she eats so good at breakfast but I feel like she still needs to eat a well balanced meal.

I'm struggling with options!

Do I discipline her when she gets Sad Faces? 
Do I put too much pressure on her to eat her food?

Is this normal and I am just crazy??

Need help ASAP!!!

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