Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Themed Wine Glasses

So instead of going out and buying a Secret Santa gift for my work Christmas party I decided to make one!

I had some leftover wine glasses and decided to do a cute little Christmas theme.

While Pinsurfing I found these cute designs....

Source: via Linda on Pinterest

This picture came from SRMemorableDesigns Etsy Site.

I love all of these they are just too cute!! is what I came up with......
This is the Front:

This is the Back:

So....What do you think? I really like them! I tried to kinda mesh things together and come up with my own style of doing them! I wrapped them up nice and tight and put them in the Secret Santa gift exchange and my coworker that got them was actually very happy with them!!

So it was definitely a Win - Win situation!!

I am actually thinking about doing some glasses for New Years to put on my Etsy Site as well....Got any ideas for me let me know!

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