Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Snowflake Cupcakes...Yumm!!!

For my work Christmas party I also made some cupcakes that I saw on Pinterest!!!

Yes!! I pretty much am on Pinterest everyday and thats where I get a lot.......well lets be honest here ALL of my ideas from!! An NO Im not ashamed!! :)

So this is what I saw on Pinterest.....

I absolutely fell in love with these cupcakes!!!!

I did not fall in love with the chocolate cupcakes though....Sorry I just dont like chocolate cupcakes!

So...here is how mine turned out......

Not quite the same but similar...Basic yellow cake with white icing I added the blue food coloring just spread it on and did the white chocolate stars aka "snowflake" nothing fancy just something cute and simple!

I am just loving the fact that I am doing all of these cute pinterest crafts and desserts!

What have you done lately that you'd like to share????

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