Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Learning To Shut Your Mouth

I am in desperate need of this!! I need to learn or train myself to "shut the heck up"

Why is it the I just voice my opinion on pretty much everything!

Is this a problem that every girl has or is it really just me??

If there is a problem at work I speak out on it especially if I feel that it is unfair I dont think that is a bad thing! Is it?

I know people who just sit back in there chair and keep there mouth shut and at times they let people walk all over them and I for one dont agree with that!

Stand up for yoruself ladies!!

If you dont think something is fair then say so!

Are we suppose to just sink into our chairs and get taken advantage of??

I think not!

I feel very strongly about just a handful of things in life and this is most certainly one of them!

I will not be taken advantage of nor will I be treated unfairly.....if I die this post right here is how I want people to remember me.

***Strong Willed - Outspoken***

Should I train myself to bite my toungue?? I dont think so but...
Will I train myself to know the right timing or the right thing to say so it doesnt come off so blunt.....YES!!!

Well ladies it seems that I have a lot of work to do!!

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