Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Happy June Ya'll

Wow! Where has the time gone? 

Just yesterday I felt like we were packing up to make the big move to Louisville and now we are entering June!! Summer is here ladies and gentleman! At times I feel so guilty for working when Alyssa is on summer break, I just want to hang out with her everyday and go to the park or the pool, have dinner or catch a movie. But like many of you know the life of a working parent is anything but easy. 

Tons of parents work through the summer and sometimes miss out on school events or family get togethers. It is so hard being a working parent. I have made it my summer time goal to spend some good quality time with Alyssa during this summer and really bond with my big girl. 

We recently got a membership to the YMCA here in Louisville so I'm hoping that will be a nice place for Alyssa and I to hang out by the pool or do some family activities or classes together. I have never had a membership at the YMCA before so I still need to research what all we can do there together but I am feeling very hopeful that we can hang out together there many times this summer. 

I need help with this everybody......

What fun summer time activities do you like to do with your kiddos to bond and really spend that quality time together?

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