Hi! I am the Messer Mom, Andrea. I am 29 years old, still living the newlywed life, and newly co-parenting my 7 year old daughter Alyssa. Let the adventure begin! I did this parenting gig solo for the first 5 years of my daughter's life, well learning to do it at least. I am doing the best I can, and we have lots of fun while I'm learning!

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Here's a wedding picture of my hubby, Cole, and I when we married in September 2016.

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My goal for this blog is to share my adventures in newlywed life and parenting, while laughing at my mistakes and sharing what I learn! And hopefully maintaining my sanity along the way.

Some random facts about me:
  • I am definitely Team Edward! If you don't know what I am talking about, exit off my blog right now...no, really, the red "x" in the top corner. Please, push it.
  • I never wanted to be a mom.
  • My favorite movie? Bonnie and Clyde, the black and white version.
  • In my past life, I think I lived in the 50s.
  • I would eat Mexican food three times a day, if I could.
  • I despise shopping for shoes, unless it's for Alyssa...her feet are so cute!
  • I love watching Korea's Got Talent, obviously with sub-titles.
  • Music is my medicine, except Country or Metal. I need Advil if I listen to those.

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