Monday, March 26, 2012

This Bundle of Joy I have to admit to a couple things here......
1.) In the past I was Anti-Child!!
2.) I am now 100% CHILDREN!!! did this change happen I honestly dont even know.....well I do but I dont!!

The moment I found out that I was pregnant I was honestly excited for about 5minutes then I was terribly nervous, anxious, worried, afraid, scared, and just 100% discouraged!!!

But I am telling you the moment I felt Alyssa's tiny foot kick my belly I was overwhelmed with this nurturing emotion that has never gone away!!

I am soo thrilled, excited, and joyful that this is my future now!!

I am a mother!!! And proud of it!!! did not happen how I thought it would I wouldn't change anything!!

Things aren't always going to be picture perfect and I know that now!!!

The only thing I can do is strive for happiness and health!!!

Im not just taking care of myself anymore and quit frankly I would put Alyssa before me anyday!!!

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