Thursday, November 1, 2012

Day 30: The End

Its hard to believe that we are at The End already!!

After going through this process and all of these changes we should be a new us right about now!!

Or at least starting to be a new us!!

Sometimes this process can take awhile but at least now we know somewhat what we should be doing!!

For me The End is.......moving forward in my life!!!!

My Fresh Start is probably a little different than most but it's all based on what you want to change in your life so there will be differences! Its pretty much the same process for all of us though!

I have done it!!!

I have signed my lease for my new apartment in Louisville, KY!!

This is my end!!

I have rented the U-haul, packed the boxes, drove the mileage, and unloaded the U-Haul!!

My apartment is a disaster right now cause we were running behind and just threw everything in my living room but I am not stressed or overwhelmed or anything I'm so relieved that I'm finally done!!

I can figure the details out whenever the most important thing right now is that I did it!!

An just think.....YOU DID TOO!!!

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