Monday, May 14, 2012

Filling A Void In My Life

So here lately I just feel like Ive been missing there is this hole inside me that needs to be filled!

I sit at home thinking and thinking about this void in my life.......

I dont get it Why do I feel as if my life is not complete?

I am 23 years old, I have an amazing daughter and amazing family and friends!
What is missing?

I do not have a boyfriend or any special guy in my life but I dont see why something like that would impact me this much?

I feel like its something deeper than just a boyfriend!

So in trying to fill this hole in my life I have taken a step back and really looked at my life....
Starting with number one!! This may take a few posts....just a heads up   :)

1. Family
I love my family!! They are crazy, loud and hilarious...I wouldnt change them for the world-Honestly at this point in my life I dont think I can! he!he!he!
My family has all the normal family drama....arguements an fights between relatives and so forth nothing out of the ordinary!!

I have a kind loving mother Julia that is always there when I need her!! NO MATTER WHAT!! She has let Alyssa & I live with her since Alyssa was probably 3 weeks old! She buys groceries and makes sure we are fed and warm at night! The part that is so amazing to me is that she has never once even hesitated about this she never had to stop and think its just so natural for her to be nurturing and kind to others especially her family!! That is amazing!!

I have a loving father Coy who has been there whenever I needed him!! He provided for my family in ways that some other relatives couldn't at the time!! He gave me a car right before Alyssa was born because I was not working and did not have a car! He is the only reason that I am able to drive back & forth to work everyday!! Im Extremely thankful for that!!

I have an amazing sister Ashley she is there for me in a way that nobody can be!! Not just the "sisterly bond" but she is the most patient, and Godly person I know! She gives me advice more on the spiritual side than anything and that helps me keep my head up!! She has helped Alyssa & I in ways that I cant even describe!!! She planned & organized a Baby Shower for me even though she moved to KY!! She even missed work to come to OH and help my mother setup and host my Baby Shower!!

I have wonderful Aunts & Uncles nearby that help me out with Alyssa!! When I am working, or have meetings, or errands to run and even when I just need a break they watch Alyssa for a couple hours to even overnight!! Without them I would be crazy by now!! For real!!

Sometimes mothers just need that break! With the help from all of these loving and caring relatives in my life I get that break and "private time" that I need!!
Its definitely not Family!! But something deeper!

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