Sunday, May 6, 2012

Im Feeling CrEaTiVe

Hey All!!

So for those of you that don't know.....Im OBSESSED with Pinterest!!

Im on there almost EVERYDAY!!

I think they have a lot of creative and cheap ideas for Weddings, Birthdays, pretty much any type of party! They have cute hair styles, advice on finger nail polish designs, cute clothing ideas, tons of homemade stuff!

I have put my talent to the test this week and have taken on 3 ideas from Pinterest to try and do for my friends Bridal Shower!! The Shower was Saturday (yesterday) and heres how it went...

1. Chalkboard Wine Glasses- Where the bottom is dipped in Chalkboard Paint

I did NOT dip my glasses in the paint I went to Michaels where they sell Spray Paint Chalkboard Paint
I then spray painted the bottoms and let them dry outside in the sun
I had to use 2 Coats to make it "Chalkboard"

2. Painted Wine Glasses- Where you paint any type of design wanted on the actual glass

Okay so this was ALOT harder than expected!! You have to use a Special kind of paint which I was un aware of! I did not have that paint so I googled alternatives!!

I ended up using Finger Nail Polish which is totally safe!!
But the problem was it started chipping and cracking after it had sat overnight
So I went to Michaels and bought "Glass Paint"

But the Shower was yesterday morning I gave the glasses to my friend and she LOVED them I told her I could redo them since they were cracking but she said no that they were fine as is!!
**The only issue is that with the finger nail polish you CANNOT wash them the Glass Paint is washable!! What I mean by "washable" is that when you wash them either by hand or in the dishwasher the Glass Paint is not effected as the nail polish will either come off or chip off!!**

After I painted everything I used Glitter Hair Spray and sprayed the paintings and the bottom just to add a little flare!!

3. Personalize Hanger- Where you personalize a clothes hanger for the Bride

This was my favorite thing to make!!

Honestly it was super easy!! I bought some hangers at Walmart then the wire and flower at Michaels

I bent the wire with pliers and just kinda molded it into what I wanted it to say and look like...then wrapped it around the hanger where it dips down for the straps!!

In all the pictures off Pinterest people drill holes in the bottom of the hangers then glue the wire into the holes but I was not equipped for all that! So I found a video on YouTube and they take you step by step on making these hangers and thats where I saw to wrap it around!

Then I used a Hot Glue Gun to glue the flower at the top of the hanger for a little extra decoration! Very Simple and my friend just adored it!!

All together I spent about $50 bucks buying supplies but just think all of these projects were homemade which is from the heart!

So this is what Ive been up to!! I am throwing some more ideas around in my head and will definitely keep you updated!!

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