Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Pinterest Projects

Hey All!!
As you know I am a PinAholic which means I am addicted to Pinterest I am on it almost everyday!! I have over 650 PINS!!! That doesnt even compare to other PinAholics I know!!

Soo.....here are my latest projects!!! Feedback PLEASE!!!

Here are graduation wine glasses that I made for my friend I

She just graduated from OSU!!! CONGRATS GIRL!!

The decoration on the glasses are "Glass Paint"
You can buy that at Michaels and relatively cheap!

The bottom is "Spray Chalkboard Paint"
Also available at Michaels

Here is a side view of what I call a SharkMelon

It is a watermelon cut in half and carved into what is suppose to be a Shark.

Dont be too harsh this was my first try I think it turned out pretty good!!

Compared to others not so good!

Here is a front view

The mouth is open (obviously lol)

You scrap out all of the watermelon so its hollow then you cut the watermelon and fill in the mouth with bits and pieces of different fruit.

The directions I had said to use a Melon Scoop (or something like that) but I didnt have one so my cousin actually helped me and used a rounded teaspoon to make some of the watermelon pieces in circles....you can see those pieces around the side and some in the mouth!!

Both of these are very simple and actually extremely fun to do!!!


Also......more Pinterest projects too come!!!   :)

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