Sunday, April 28, 2013

The New Chateau

So Im not sure if Ive talked about this on my blog or not life has been so crazy lately my memory is shot!!

But my sister Ashley and brother in law Michael moved into an amazing new house 4 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms and a basement.

They had originally thought that the basement was "finished" but in all reality it was not! So they spent there own money to finish the basement so that Alyssa & I could move in with them!!

That is LOVE!!!

So now there are 2 Seperate Families living in 1 Home!

Its wonderous!!  As my nephew would say ;)
It is an adjustment but I was over at there house so much anyway it really just makes life easier being right down stairs!!

So here are some pictures of the New Chateau Ashley & Michael put together for me!!


My Front Door

My Mailbox      hehe!

I dont have pictures of my living room yet becaus eit is not setup but here are some pictures of Alyssa & I's Bedroom

Ashley painted this 1 wall Pink then we both did Pink Stripes on the other 3 walls...I bought vinyl decal to put on Alyssa's side to spice it up!!

The Stripes....which by the way I am loving!!

My Glorious Dream bed that I now have!!! King Size Living!!

Right now I am in a very happy place (other than work being crazy busy) I am very content with how my life is!! It can only get better from here!!

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