Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Living This Crazy Thing Called....LIFE!

Sorry I have not posted in a while I have been super crazy busy!! Im sure with Spring Break everybody has been busy lately!!

Well lets go through this......

WORK...My manager took an emergency leave of absence for a couple weeks so I ended up working crazy hours and getting some much needed overtime   ;)

Once my supervisor came back..work was really just taking a toll on her and she ended up putting in her two weeks! We all were very shocked but we all understood why.......sometimes you just need to take a break from everything to recooperate from situations in your life!

With us not having a manager work is still crazy...we are trying to cover her shifts as well as the shifts needed so Im still getting crazy hours but no overtime thank goodness! I just feel like I have been getting so wornout lately!

SPRING BREAK....For spring break I took a week off of work and went to Ohio to spend time with my family! I dont know why in my mind I thoguht it would be a nice relaxing week because it most certainly was not. I had a birthday party to go to on Saturday....then there was Easter service at my old church and then Easter dinner with my family on Sunday.....then dinner with my dad Thrift Shopping and lunch with Ashley on Monday.....then visiting with Christy on Tuesday.....and then driving 1 hr north so Alyssa could visit with her grandma on Wednesday....then when I came back it was time to go!

I came back to Kentucky on Thursday and I had to work Friday night.

MOVING...When I got back into town Thursday night I barely had time to recoop because Friday morning I helped Ashley and her family move!! After a morning of packing and stacking I had just enough time to run home shower and change then off to work I went!!

I have been super exhausted lately just a combination of everything going on is craziness!

My Future.....I have a feeling its only going to get crazier because at the end of this month I am moving in with Ashley and her family so now after or before work and on my days off I will be packing and stacking at my apartment as well because I have to be out of my apartment by April 26th!

It sounds far away but when you really look at it....its just around the corner!!

Ugh.....I am super stressed!!!! Prayers this way please!!

If you have any advice on moving or packing or stacking or just ways to relax after a hard days work please let me know!!! Advice is much needed!!!

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