Thursday, March 7, 2013

My New Slipcover!

I am super excited about this!!  Probably more than I should be!

Before I moved here to Louisville my awesome sister in lawish Christy offered me her sofa and loveseat because they were getting new furniture! Of course I said yes!

I didnt have any furniture so something was better than nothing!

One of the slipcovers they had ripped so the sofa was covered but the loveseat was not...which didnt matter to me because like I said before something is better than nothing!!

I have been super poor lately...affording the move..transitioning...and trying to adjust here in Louisville!

Which honestly is to be expected...I think....isnt moving hard for lots of people?

Theres just a lot to do and a lot to take care of!

Well I have filed my taxes and while eagerly awaiting them the only thing I wanted for myself was a slipcover for my loveseat.....and finally I got it!!!

I am so thrilled and excited at how awesome my living room is looking!!

Alyssa took to the new look very well!! She is such a cuddly girl!!

Are you working on any upgrades to your home?

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