Thursday, September 12, 2013

Alyssa's New Big Girl Bedroom

So we did it, it is done! My baby girl has been upgraded to a Big Girl Bedroom!!
I am both happy and sad about this!!

So like I said it yesterdays post I was sharing a bedroom with my 3yr. old daughter! She was in a toddler bed (her crib with the front rail removed) now she is in a twin bed!

Here are the shots....

Our Bedroom Before
 This was Alyssa's half of the bedroom. So she had her cute little bed with her dressers on either side and we even found some awesome sticker decals at Target to match her Owl obsession.
 Directly across from her bed was my bed shoved into the corner there!
This wall had a wall mirror, 2 plastic bins from Walmart (that served as dressers for us) and a clothes rack so what needed hung up was able to be hung up.

Alyssa's Bedroom After
 So when you walk into Alyssa's bedroom her dresser is immediately to the right, at the foot of her now twin size bed.
 Here is her new twin size bed!!
Next to her bed she has her stuffed animal basket with her bookshelf and her new "Reading Nook" with her bean bag chair!
Next to her bean bag chair she has her toy box, the plastic bin that we were using as a dresser,and her actual linen dresser.
This is probably my favorite part of her room   haha!
This is her clothing rack for her to hang up all of her dresses.

What do you think??

Honestly, I love it! Alyssa loves it too!
This first thing she did when I showed it to her was run over to her dresses and hug them!
Probably because they are at her level now, so she can pick out her outfits!

Although I am sad to not be sharing a room with Alyssa, I am just really happy to be moving forward in our life!
She is becoming such a big girl!

Now we both have this new found freedom!!

I am no longer sharing a bedroom with my daughter!!!
This feels great!!!  :)

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