Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day 12: The Challenge

Most people like a "challenge" they like the thrill!!

In a challenge your fighting for whats at the end!!

In your personal life that could be a huge thing or it could just be crossing a finish line but atleast the one feeling that stays the same is the fact that you finished someting!!

You did it!!

I have never did any type of run or race before but Ive always wanted to so I talked my mom into doing a 5k with me! It was very fun and although I actually did not run I walked and jogged and made it across that finish line!! It felt so good to know that I finished that I really did it!!

A since of accomplishment!!

When you are challenged it gives you a since of satisfaction that makes you happy!

The steps to a fresh start is the same thing you are challenging yourself and whats at the finish line will be worth all the fight!!

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