Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day 2: The Decision

To make a decision on your own is rough.....but to make a decision when it involves another person is probably the hardest thing to do!!

Its almost as if your "at war" with yourself!!

Is this the right choice? Am I doing this for me? What if it doesn't workout? What if I don't get the result I was hoping for?

Well I battle these questions all the time! Almost everyday!!

My decision to move not only me but my daughter 3 hours away from my parents...from my friends...from my "support" its a hard thing!

But you have to make sure that you want this and for the right reasons!!

Are there even "right" reasons?? Who knows!!

After months and months of thinking things over I finally made this hard, rough, difficult decision!!

Ever since I made the decision its like weight has been lifted off my shoulders!!

Thats how I know its the "right" move for me and my daughter!!

When you can just sit back and relax and just know that your doing the right thing!!

When you are at ease with your decision that you.......yourself made for your family and for yourself......thats the right reason!!

It took me a very long time to realize what I wanted and what I needed to do!

I thought about this day in and day out my family would say I was a nervous wreck!! But decisions are very hard to make!

Or Im just very hard at making them!!

Even so its a big have to make sure that its a step that your willing to take before you take it!

I just know that when I think about moving to Kentucky it just feels me!!!

As long as I am able to take care and support my daughter is there really a "wrong" reason?

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