Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day 23: The Mistakes

Now we are all going to make mistakes during and even after this process but the main thing is that we learn from our mistakes so that way when we know what to do the next time!!

Stay positive is key!!

I have learned from the past not to be so that I mean I trust people way to easy and let people into my home!

I try to be very hospitable and polite but in the end it tends to butt me in the rear so now I have learned to have my guards up and not trust just any joe schmoe!

My very first apartment that I ever had I became friends with a couple people in my complex and it ended up that my apartment got broken into multiple times! It was very unfortunate and they never caught the person that did it!

So now moving away from friends & family is already me stepping out of my comfort zone but also getting my own apartment again! I am more nervous this time around because now I have Alyssa but at the same time I am being way more cautious too of where I am living!!

In the past I got a cheap but nice apartment which is probably the main reason my apartment got broken into because of the area I lived in!

So now moving forward I am paying more in rent and moving into a nice area that is more safe and secure!

I am stepping out of my comfort zone and also taken past mistakes into consideration so history wont repeat itself!!

Making mistakes in my life has really made me who I am today!!

Just take your mistakes and learn from them!!

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