Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day 20: The Stress

Ugh Stress!!

Stress is such a horrible feeling!! I don't handle stress very well....whenever I get stressed out I get very irritable and anxious and panicky I literally start to freak out!! I just get to the point where I feel like...
I am so overwhelmed I could explode!!

But I think that's somewhat normal especially with moving!! Moving is such a stressful thing!!

Actually these feelings come along with anything really starting High School or even just a new school...first football game...or cheer leading try outs!!

Starting college or even graduating from college!

These are milestones in our lives that cause of us some type of stress or discomfort!!


Change causes stress and discomfort!!!

Its okay to feel a little bit of stress but we have to realize what it is we are getting stressed about and find the problem Why is this bothering me this much? How is this affecting me??

Its really not healthy to get stressed out like I do but I always have to figure out why Im getting so stressed out and then go from there! It helps me deal without a lot of problems! Just lay everything out on the table and find the positive in it that way your not so stressed...or just do something that relieves your stress until every passes both are good things!!

Find a healthy way to deal with the stress in your life!!

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