Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 25: The Funks

So here lately I have been in a FUNK.......packing is soo hard I just don't want to do it

Going through everything and packing everything it is just so blah!!

I dont know it's hard because I want to go out and spend time with my friends since Im moving in literally 1 week but theres still sooo much to do!!

Sometimes people experience this little funk...I actually experience this during the Winter...
you know when its cold and snowy and really yucky outside you just want to stay inside and do absolutely nothing!!

Yea thats kinda how I feel right now...moving is hardwork!!!

But I have to push through it.....

I just tell myself if I can pack 5 more boxes I will call it a night
the more I pack now the less I will have to pack next week!!

I kinda sike myself up so that it motivates me to pack more and more.....I pack a little bit everyday!!

You can do the same (whatever it is your trying to achieve) if your having an off day just remember why your doing this in the first place!!

Im packing so I can move and start fresh!!

So to me all of this packing will make my move a lot easier!!

Amp yourself up and just shake off this funk!!!

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