Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 22: The Needs

Yesterday I spoke about The Wants and so today I will speak about "The Needs"

The needs-the necessary- the have to haves!!

Don't get the wants and needs mixed up!! This is very important!

In my case...do I need a new toaster or do I want a new toaster??

Is it crucial for Alyssa & I to have a toaster??? No so that would be classified as a want for me!

Something that we can not live without!!! Something that we use day to day that is a need!

Toilet paper is essential!!!!  Shower curtain!!! Towels!! 

These things make it very easy to live day to day without these would we die??? No but it would be very hard to keep up with daily hygiene    hehe    :)  I would like to think toilet paper would be a have to have :)

During this process you need to look ahead and really try to figure out what it is that you need out of this!!

How is the outcome going to affect your life? How is the outcome going to help you?

What do you really need from all of these changes in your life?

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