Monday, October 15, 2012

Day 14: The Plan

Planning is very hard to do when you don't exactly know where your headed!! For instance....

I am moving to Kentucky, but I do not live in Kentucky so trying to find an apartment is stressful because I dont know the "good" and "bad" parts of town!
Thankfully my sister lives there so she has been helping and guiding me!

I definitely understand it is very hard to get a "plan" in order when things are still up in the air!

But its a great idea to have some sort of plan.......

I have a daughter so I need to get a sitter in order and talk about scheduling or costs.

I have to plan out what type of job I want according to the bills and rent I will have to pay...make sure your budget works and you can afford everything

I will also need to send out my resume and try and get a job before I move there that way there are no large gaps between paychecks!

You need to plan out what it is your trying to do and how your going to do it!!

It is hard at first but just lay everything out on the table and you will soon find the right spots!!

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