Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day 3: The News

Once you've made your decision the second hardest part is.....telling everybody the news!!

Its like you just started a game of 20 Questions!!

Well what are you going to do? Do you have a job lined up? Where are you going to stay?

You don't always have a specific plan...but people don't really jump for joy when they hear you say...

"Well Im not 100% sure yet, I dont know, I will just play it by year when I get down there"

People look at you with that horror face!! I then know that in their minds they are really saying....

"How do you not know? How can you not have a plan? So your just going to pack up Alyssa and just move there without any direction?

They then start second guessing your parenting skills     

Okay that last one was a joke!!   :  )

Really though, Its like you have to sit there and tell every single person what has inspired you to move to Kentucky! Sometimes its just a feeling or a thought, no real particular reason or inspiration!!

Why is it so difficult to tell people??

For me.....I always feel the need to get "approval" from everybody so when I tell somebody and they react with such negatively then it makes me second my own decision!!

Once again Im "at war" with myself!!

Cant a girl long for something different?

People can either be happy or my book!

If your sad please tell me why your sad?      I can think of solutions!

If you happy then thank you for your happiness and support!!

This whole experience is definitely both happy and sad but dont let this "stage" defeat you or break your spirits! The tough part is over right???

Your not going to satisfy everybody so stop trying too!!

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